HydroRig™ Tracks

When surface conditions are challenging or require low pressure traffic, standard trucks are often not suitable for the job. With the addition of a specially engineered rubber track system, our fleet of HydroRig™ ground pressure can be reduced up to 750%. These tracks are engineered to be quickly installed on-site and used to provide greater traction, floatation and reduced compaction.

Suitable Application Types
  • Erizon Application Type Helicopter
  • Erizon Application Type Air Tractor
    Air Tractor
  • Erizon Application Type HydroTruck Cannon
  • hydrotruck track icon in black and green
    HydroRig™ Tracks
  • Erizon Application Type Heavy Lift Drone
  • Erizon Application Type Hose
  • Erizon Application Type Spraybar
  • LBC HydroTrailer
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Tracks system Benefits

Maximises traction and floatation
The track design offers our HydroRigs™ with 500% more floatation allowing for optimal surface contact. This feature prevents tire sinkage and allows for the 2” tread design to manoeuvre on and around uneven topography for maximum product coverage.

The tracks are purpose-built for our HydroRigs™, providing maximum reliability in harsh and unpredictable Australian environments.

Our Track HydroRigs™ are fixed with 567 – 680 KG heavy duty conveyor belting. This belting is five times the strength of standard truck tires, allowing for large capacities of product loads without affecting the vehicle's mechanics.

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