LBC HydroTrailer

An industry first, the tracked LBC HydroTrailer and challenger tractor combination is the latest addition to the Erizon® arsenal. With a PSI of under 6, this incredible unit brings the speed and efficiency of our state-of-the-art HydroRigs™ to previously undrivable low bearing capacity surfaces.

Suitable Application Types
  • Erizon Application Type Helicopter
  • Erizon Application Type Air Tractor
    Air Tractor
  • Erizon Application Type HydroTruck Cannon
  • hydrotruck track icon in black and green
    HydroRig™ Tracks
  • Erizon Application Type Heavy Lift Drone
  • Erizon Application Type Hose
  • Erizon Application Type Spraybar
  • LBC HydroTrailer
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HydroCrawler Benefits

Maximises traction and floatation
Specifically designed for low bearing capacity surfaces, the Erizon® Hydrocrawler is an industry first. Fitting a state-of-the-art hydroseeder tank to a 5 axel tracked trailer provides unprecedented floatation and stability on previously undrivable terrain.

The Challenger 55 is a robust agricultural machine that has been in service around the world since 1996 to this day. The powerful 225bhp diesel engine is one of the most reliable in its class and is a perfect fit for the HydroCrawler System.

The trailer utilises 567 – 680 KG heavy duty conveyor belting. This belting is five times the strength of standard truck tires, allowing for large capacities of product loads without affecting the vehicle's mechanics.

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