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“We commit to the highest levels of occupational health, safety and environment practices to manage risk and minimise costs when implementing works for roads, railways, bridges, building projects and dams. Control erosion on your civil construction site by using environmentally friendly methods that last longer.”

Erizon® offers complete solutions for the civil engineering and construction industry. We make sure you meet your regulatory standards by reducing stormwater pollution, impacts on receiving water, and environmental degradation.

A vitally important aspect of any building or construction site is a soil erosion drainage management plan. Erizon® has a range of solutions that provide and support you during this stage while ensuring standards are high with our economic and effective services.

As Erizon® has a firm understanding of industry standards and requirements, our multidimensional approach underpins our solution-driven results.

  • Our health and safety policy highlights our mission toward Vision Zero; a company culture where health and safety are our number one priority, and ‘zero’ is the only acceptable number of accidents or fatalities in the workplace.
  • We have a commitment to implementing our sustainability policy measures throughout all processes by reducing our environmental and social impact.
  • Complete satisfaction is what we aim to deliver to every client. We reinforce this commitment through transparent communication and supported with our Supply, Apply, Guarantee agreement.
  • Our mission is to become a valued partner, rather than just a service provider. To take the time to fully understand each project and deliver the most effective solution, time after time.

The Impacts of Civil & Infrastructure Work on The Environment

Pollutants caused by construction activities can have detrimental effects on Australian waterways and oceans. Without adequate prevention measures, these pollutants that include sediment and other impurities, form due to disturbed soil being easily eroded and washed off-site.

What We Do For Civil & Infrastructure

Controlling erosion on your civil construction site is crucial to being environmentally friendly and minimising site risk. Vegetation is a highly effective method of erosion and sediment control, forming sustainable infrastructure and allowing grass to filter out pollutants before reaching the surrounding environment and the visual appeal of the development.

At Erizon®, we are committed to providing revegetation and rehabilitation services after we complete projects to ensure long-lasting environmental sustainability.

Dust Suppression

Erizon® is Australia’s proven environmental management service provider, offering specialist expertise and dust management programs across the civil and infrastructure sectors. Our unique suite of solutions has proven to eliminate dust and provide long-term results in some of the most arid national environmental conditions.

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We understand that site rehabilitation is an ongoing process for many government agencies. Therefore, we are committed to delivering sophisticated revegetation solutions that meet the requirements for locations such as roadside batters, airfields and defence bases.

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Erosion Control

Traditionally, revegetation is the first approach to erosion control. However, if growth conditions are poor, it can be impossible in some locations. For these situations, EcoArmour® is a hydraulically applied erosion control blanket that is highly effective within hours of application.

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