Australia’s onerous conditions make rehabilitating damaged and depleted soil a challenging mission. Accomplishing re-establishment works toward a sustainable future by creating spaces where wildlife and people can flourish together. Communities, companies and government bodies can reap the reward of major projects enforcing solid environmental remediation practices.

“Erizon® are committed to conserving native ecosystems for future generations"

The key to restoring damaged or depleted soil lies within a scientific approach. This is why at Erizon® we believe in using beneficial products that promote an ecologically prosperous future.

Our methods support the development of healthy revegetation, which is the best form of erosion control and slope stabilisation. Detailed soil analysis allows our soil scientists and agronomists to determine the correct solution to support strong, lasting vegetation growth. We maintain a non-toxic approach which is better for your business and the environment.

Products by Erizon® release essential nutrients, retain moisture and contain soil conditioners and organic mulch fibres which activate long-term soil growth and health while preventing weed infestation. Erosion and sediment control can also reduce flooding, protect valuable wetlands and encourage the growth of flora and fauna. What makes us unique is our thorough consideration throughout every mining or civil construction assignment. Our solutions are tailored to satisfy any projects needs with the confidence of being tried and testing in Australian conditions.

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