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With a firm understanding and experience in the mining industry, we are committed to helping mine sites meet their legal requirement to suppress dust, stabilise soils, and rehabilitate all substrates.

Our company experience in the mining industry has supported our commitment to safely and effectively meet site regulations. We ensure that all personnel are trained, certified and up-to-date with each required site induction.

  • Our plant and equipment are mine site compliant and align with our obligation to ensure that the highest safety measures are in place at all times. Our health and safety policy highlights our mission toward Vision Zero; a company culture where health and safety are our number one priority, and ‘zero’ is the only acceptable number of accidents or fatalities in the workplace.
  • We are committed to implementing our sustainability policy measures throughout all processes by reducing our environmental and social impact.
  • Customer satisfaction is something we endeavour to provide every client. We reinforce this promise through transparent communication, underpinned with our Supply, Apply, Guarantee agreement.
  • Our mission is to minimise risk, maximise on project success and create lasting partnerships.

Why It’s Necessary

Mining results in a major environmental impact which may affect not only the mine site’s immediate surroundings. The environment suffers from both direct and indirect effects of mining. Some of the biggest issues caused by mining are the loss of vegetation, biodiversity, soil and water contamination, and erosion. 


Even though mining operations have sought to improve their methods time and time again, practices over long periods of time unavoidably still result in various environmental complications.


Mine site rehabilitation refers to the remediation of the negative effects sustained by the site and its surrounding environment during mining operations. It is often a legal requirement that mine sites must integrate environmental and social considerations throughout all phases of production. Revegetating with healthy, sustainable plant species that support existing ecosystems is the most efficient and effective way to meet remediation requirements.

What We Do On Mine Sites

Erizon’s® tailored approach to mine site rehabilitation takes into consideration the climate, the size of your site, the soil or rock condition and the chemical properties to prepare an appropriate remediation plan aimed at erosion control, dust suppression and successful revegetation of even the most damaged and degraded soils.


The restoration of vegetation in areas that have been disturbed by mining in Australia can reverse the adverse negative impacts caused by the clearing and disturbance. Vegetation controls erosion, reduces land degradation, stabilises batters through root reinforcement and provides a habitat for biodiversity and animal species. 

Dust Suppression

Our innovative dust suppression products offer solutions to a range of challenges presented by Australia's most demanding weather events. We work closely with our partners to understand the situation and to provide the best outcome.

We have extensive experience in;

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All our projects start with a comprehensive soil analysis by highly qualified soil scientists, followed by the development of a site-specific solution expertly applied using the latest HydroRig™ technology.

Revegetation methods include;

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Erosion Control

When traditional methods such as revegetation are not possible and there is a need for immediate erosion control, EcoArmour® is an effective, environmentally friendly, low-cost alternative to jute meshing or Shotcrete applications. EcoArmour® provides unrivalled protection to a range of areas such as steep batters and swale drains.

Common application types:

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