EnviroLoc® BFM - Bonded Fibre Matrix For Environmental Solutions

EnviroLoc® Hydromulching BFM is a hydraulic erosion control product that utilises a high-performance matrix with a combination of optimised water and nutrient retention and an enhanced growth environment.

Designed around superior performance, EnviroLoc® Hydromulching BFM projects erosion control effectiveness, growth establishment and functional longevity in order to create a high-performing growth medium matrix.

The flexible, yet stable matrix immediately bonds to the surface while the combination of thermally refined wood fibres and multi-dimensional biopolymers provide greater water holding capacity for more complete germination and the faster establishment of vegetation.

  • Increased erosion protection
  • Provides more soil cover
  • Improved plant germination due to higher water retention
  • Long fibres ensure there is no reduction in infiltration and air exchange
  • Environmentally friendly containing non-toxic recycled and biodegradable materials
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Key Benefits

  • 1
    Long Lasting Performance

    EnviroLoc® BFM bonds to the soil surface and reduces the turbidity of runoff for greater confidence and longevity of up to 18 months.

  • 2
    Higher Water Retention

    Thermally refined wood fibres deliver up to 50% more water-holding capacity, promoting germination and no watering required.

  • 3
    Weed, Pest & Pathogen Free

    Our solutions are free from weeds, pests, diseases and pathogens to protect the environment and project success.

  • 4
    Scientifically Proven

    Contains 100% of the highest quality materials, while scientific soil analysis ensures the best chance of success.

  • 5
    Promote Faster Growth

    See faster growth while minimising erosion with organic mulch fibres. Reduce soil loss and enhance germination.

  • 6
    Sustainable Ingredients

    Absorbs water rapidly to form a homogenous slurry that ensures evenly distributed strands of grass.

3D Fibre Matrix Technology

The combination of both chemical and mechanical bonding techniques is what locks the engineered growth medium in place to promote germination with reduced soil loss levels. Here’s why it works so well:

  • 100% thermally refined wood fibres not only produce high yield and coverage, but they are also Phyto-Sanitised to eliminate potential weed seeds and pathogens.
  • Biopolymers and water absorbents are 100% non-toxic to further enhance overall performance for project success.
  • Innovative micro-pore particles enhance water and nutrient retention while contributing to erosion effectiveness.
  • Dispersion granules ensure that the elements are evenly mixed and uniformly distributed.
  • Interlocking crimped fibres increase strength and matrix durability.
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How EnviroLoc® Hydromulching BFM works

EnviroLoc® Hydromulching BFM is a two-step application process. Essentially a heavy-duty growth medium, BFM employs a combination of two passes over the surface area. The first step involves spraying a mix of seed, fertiliser and water over the surface, while the second step consists of spraying over the seed with a slurry consisting of proprietary binder and tackifier blended with EnviroLoc® Hydromulching BFM. By applying the seed first, followed by the BFM, it allows for the growth medium to be applied to any surface type and achieve superior bonding performance.

It works to provide increased erosion control performance on steep batters, slopes, verges and flat areas - especially when utilised in combination with EnviroSoil®- until vegetation establishes and stabilises through root reinforcement.

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