EnviroSoil® – Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment & Topsoil Alternative

Due to construction, mining, and development, vast areas of land degrade in their physical and biochemical properties.

Soils and substrates that are associated with such disturbed lands characteristically lack in much needed organic matter, nutrients, and biological activity. The ground, in turn, needs to undergo amendments as it relies on these variables to ensure sustainable vegetative growth.

EnviroSoil®️ contains an active combination of thermally-refined organic fibres with high carbon and organic soil conditioners, seaweed extracts, and mineral blends (including basalt and microbial inoculants) work as a coactive solution to rectify and improve the growth potential of the rhizosphere.

This uniquely beneficial blend of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, in conjunction with mycorrhizae, works to stimulate the soil to mimic the natural cycle. Together, they create a sustainable growing medium for the germination of plants.

Thermally-treated fibres not only provide an interlocking matrix to minimise erosion but also act as an initial food source for microbial colonies. These fibres help the essential microbes regenerate during initial plant strike.

With the use of EnviroSoil®️, one may achieve the following results:

  • Improve root growth and increase photosynthesis, creating healthy and strong plants
  • Provide superior erosion control using a proprietary blend of materials
  • Provide an energy source for vital microbes while ensuring that all materials will hold together with the soil substrate
  • Increase the plant’s water and nutrient absorption capacity as well as reduce compaction
Erizon EnviroSoil
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Key Benefits

  • 1
    8 Active Components

    EnviroSoil®️ features 8 active components that work to fix the soil’s rhizosphere.

  • 2

    EnviroSoil®️ reduces overall project costs while providing soil-building and organic components.

  • 3
    Weed Seed Free

    The use of high-grade organic fibre mulch, soil conditioners, and mineral blends ensures that EnviroSoil®️ remains weed-seed free.

  • 4
    Scientifically Proven

    Our EnviroSoil®️ has been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven to be effective even under harsh Australian conditions.

  • 5
    Safe & Easy Application

    Made with ease of application in mind, EnviroSoil®️ can be hydraulically applied, reducing application time by almost half.

  • 6
    Erosion Control Effectiveness

    When combined with a hydromulching solution, EnviroSoil®️ compliments the performance of growth and erosion control.

Leading Components of EnviroSoil®️

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Our Tailored Solutions

Created with safety in mind, EnviroSoil® has been designed to be applied hydraulically. Utilising HydroRig™ equipment, EnviroSoil® is applied using water as a carrier onto substrates with little to no organic matter.

Allowing for hydraulic application means that we are able to access hard to reach and challenging areas. These sites include uneven terrain and steep slopes, where a conventional application is not achievable. We understand that each project is different, having its unique goals and challenges.

Erizon EnviroSoil Process Step 1
Soil Analysis

Soils associated with disturbed lands are characteristically lacking much-needed organic matter, nutrients, and biological activity. Soil analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the current soil conditions, allowing us to tailor specific solutions for a piece of land.

Erizon EnviroSoil Process Step 2
EnviroSoil® Application

Once applied, EnviroSoil® acts as a topsoil alternative. It provides a blend of key soil building components to create an optimum growth environment for plants.

Erizon EnviroSoil Process Step 3
Hydromulch Application

A slurry of water, seed, fertiliser, engineered plant fibres, and binders are applied onto the surface. This mixture provides a temporary layer of erosion control and water retention until the vegetation establishes.

Erizon EnviroSoil Process Step 4
Germination at 3 Weeks

The combination of EnviroSoil's® soil-building components and Hydromulching’s interlocking matrix works to create an ideal environment for fast germination.

Erizon EnviroSoil Process Step 5
Growth at 6 Weeks

The properties of EnviroSoil® work to amend the soil beneath. The organic matter and nutrients penetrate deep down the ground to create a favourable growing environment.

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What Makes Our Method A Success

We understand that each site is different, which is why we use EnviroSoil® as a tailored solution. Our streamlined application process ensures the success of a revegetation and rehabilitation project.


Streamlined Work

Engineered to be hydraulically applied, EnviroSoil® provides ease of application. With such convenience, it helps cut the costly, labour-intensive, and time-consuming efforts involved in traditional methods of laying and spreading topsoil.


Reduced Project Costs

Utilising EnviroSoil® in place of costly topsoil will reduce overall project costs. It can also provide the same amount of soil building and organic components as traditional solutions. Thus, it helps in establishing growth in challenging sites without the need to employ other more sophisticated methods.


Safety Is Our Priority

EnviroSoil® has been manufactured with safety in mind. As a solution that promotes safe and effective application, EnviroSoil® can be used on challenging sites with difficult access. It is particularly effective on steep slopes where topsoil placement is impractical.

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