Haul Road Dust Suppression Products

Erizon’s® unique emulsion of microscopic cross-linked super-absorbent polymers and surfactants have been specifically designed for the harsh conditions of the mining, resources and infrastructure industries.

  • Reduces overall maintenance costs
  • Reduces dust immediately
  • Increases road stability
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Reduces tyre wear
RoadBond Dust Suppression & Soil Stabilisation
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How RoadBond® Works

Perfect for trafficked areas, RoadBond® minimises the impact of dust from unsealed roads, haul roads and hardstands by binding the surface to create a stable layer that is resistant to traffic wear, wind erosion and rain or water impact.

With the ability to provide up to 6 months protection, the chemical innovation of RoadBond® penetrating and aggregating properties allows for the product to permeate into the individual fine particles of dust, weighing them down so they are unable to be blown away.

The Impact of Haul Roads

Haul roads are prone to generating dust due to wind erosion and vehicular traffic, especially in dry climates. Over time, the road becomes less stable and poses adverse mechanical, environmental and health concerns.


RoadBond® penetrates into the loose substrate to form a coat and agglomerates loose soil particles together resulting in a reworkable dust-free layer. The treated area is ready for use with no curing time necessary.


Nothing suppresses dust quite like RoadBond®. RoadBond® features no corrosive compounds, making it readily biodegradable and environmentally compliant. Conveniently in a liquid form, RoadBond® is simply diluted with water and sprayed directly onto the exposed surface requiring dust suppression. Extremely versatile and easy to handle, RoadBond® can be applied using conventional spraying equipment or existing site water carts and tankers.

As an added benefit, treated areas are immediately traffic-able after application with dust lift-off instantly reduced.

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8 Proven Benefits of RoadBond®

When left untreated, dust from unsealed haul and access roads, as well as hardstands can have a significant negative impact on the health of personnel, the environment and surrounding local communities. RoadBond® minimises the impact caused by dust by creating a surface crust that binds dust particles together and stabilises the soil surface underneath.

Not only does it reduce overall maintenance costs, but it also decreases traffic frequency, reduces equipment rolling resistance and maintains the integrity of the surface to create a safer environment.

Erizon Dust Suppression Water Saving

Water Savings of up to 80%

Erizon Dust Suppression Dust Reduction

Reduces dust immediately

Coin stacks

Cost effective

Erizon Dust Suppression Environmentally Compliant

Environmentally compliant

Erizon Dust Suppression Stability

Increase road stability

Erizon Dust Suppression Safer

Significantly safer

Erizon Dust Suppression Tyre Wear

Reduces tyre wear

Erizon Dust Suppression Non Corrosive

Non-corrosive to equipment

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