SuppressX® - Dust Suppressant & Erosion Control Solutions

A unique emulsion of microscopic cross-linked super-absorbent polymers creates the basis of SuppressX's® ability to outperform and provide immediate results.

Perfect for ‘non-trafficked’ areas, the ultra-low concentration of SuppressX® makes it the ideal performance product for mining, civil & infrastructure industries. Erizon’s® team of specialists developed this product with ease in mind. It is for this reason that it is highly effective, environmentally friendly and, over time, is increasingly cost effective.

SuppressX® is suitable for all forms of tailings and minerals, ash dams, stockpiles, and substrates. The water-soluble polymers penetrate the substrate below, forming an interconnected flexible crust, binding to the fine particles and granules to eliminate dust. Using robust polymer-based products, SuppressX® forms a stable layer of bonded material, resistant to erosive wind and rain forces.

  • Suitable for all forms of exposed stockpiles, substrates, tailings and minerals
  • Forms a durable and flexible crust
  • Eliminates dust lift-off after a single application
  • Withstands moderate to heavy rain events
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Erizon SuppressX
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How SuppressX® Works

SuppressX® creates a protective barrier of skin over the substrate below to provide superior dust control and erosion protection. The ultra-low concentration of SuppressX® ensures that it achieves optimum dust suppression without changing the overall composition of the soil and aggregate below.


SuppressX® is conveniently in a liquid form and diluting it with water and spraying it directly onto the exposed surface will provide superior dust suppression and erosion control. Usually clear in appearance, adding green dye into the mix will ensure even and uniform application.

As SuppressX® is extremely versatile and easy to handle, utilising conventional spraying equipment, existing site water carts and tankers are applicable.

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Common Application Methods

Utilising specialist equipment enables the coverage of areas over 50,000 square meters per day, significantly reducing project time and costs, and accelerating the reduction of dust.

Erizon Application Type Hose


With the capacity to reach distances of over 250 meters, hoses and pumps can safely cover steep and inaccessible slopes and even delicate and tight spaces with the addition of extended hose reels.

Erizon Application Type Spraybar

Spray Bar

Perfect for application to flat areas only, utilising a spray bar attached to HydroRig™ equipment or existing site water carts and tankers is the most economical way to apply SuppressX®.

Erizon Application Type HydroTruck Cannon


Utilising hydraulic, truck-mounted cannons is an efficient method of applying SuppressX® from a distance of over 100 meters. Where required, utilising dual cannons allows simultaneous application on both sides of the spray zone.

Erizon Application Type Air Tractor


Utilising a fixed-wing plane or helicopter is a highly capable application method when targeting isolated and difficult-to-reach areas. Aerial application is suitable for tailing storage facilities (TSF) and ash dams with limited vehicle access.

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