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Project Overview

This project was part of an ongoing dust suppression management plan to ensure that all ash ponds at the Liddell power station in the Hunter Valley are fully compliant and free from the risk of dust lift-off on-site.



To complete the large-scale dust suppressant application, Erizon employed a combination of aerial spraying, manual hose application, and cannon polymer application from the HydroRig. This ensured comprehensive coverage of the ash dam cells, even in hard-to-reach corners and sides.


Chosen Solution

SuppressX is scientifically formulated to eliminate dust lift without changing or compromising the substrate beneath it. It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions on non-trafficked areas.


Equipment Used

Based on the pre-site drone mapping and analysis of the project area, the Erizon team would be required to apply SuppressX to areas unreachable by land-based vehicles. The PAC Cresco aircraft would be required to undertake dust suppression works on the areas that are unreachable by land-based vehicles and hose. This aircraft combines a short take-off and landing performance with a large load-carrying capability, capable of holding 1,900 litres. With its tricycle landing gear and rear-mounted hopper, the Cresco is unique in agricultural aircraft and, through this configuration, allows for safe operations of these sloping hill strips.

The advanced GPS guidance systems installed on the aircraft allowed for precise application, consistency, and accuracy.

Mixing the SuppressX solution before loading the aircraft was performed by Erizon’s HydroRig. These purpose-built trucks have built-in agitators within the holding tanks that consistently combine the product to ensure an even application was applied to the surface area.



The mission took seven business days to complete, slightly longer than expected due to mechanical issues with one water cart and the plane’s leaking hopper outlet. The Quality Plan report and Drone Inspection report were produced at the mission’s conclusion.



The mission successfully covered 110 Ha of the ash dam area with SuppressX. Real-time monitoring of environmental conditions using weather stations on the ash dam’s edges confirmed the absence of dust lift-off. Successfully fulfilling the dust requirements promptly, the client was satisfied with the efficiency that Erizon was able to provide with the use of the tailored SuppressX solution.



Despite the challenges faced, the mission achieved its objectives, resulting in comprehensive dust suppression. The successful application of SuppressX and the diligent efforts of Erizon’s team ensured a dust-free environment for AGL’s Liddell Power Plant ash dam cells and the surrounding communities.

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