Erizon uses aeroplanes to cover large remote areas where truck access is limited. The use of this equipment is recommended to safely and efficiently apply dust suppression solutions on difficult terrains such as tailing storage facilities and ash dams that land-based vehicles cannot access

  • Suitable for large-scale projects
  • Allows safe application on difficult terrains and inaccessible areas
  • Precision-guided coverage using GPS

Aeroplane variations

Air Tractor
PAC Cresco
Air Tractor
The Air Tractor is an extremely nimble aircraft with a large capacity of 3000 litres. This aircraft is ideal to cover large areas. It’s a productive balance of an advanced airframe and engine that provides speed, capacity, and productivity in extreme conditions. The Air Tractor’s options on size and configuration allow us to fit the right type and set up of Air Tractors to each regional environment we operate in. Mixing the solution prior to loading the aircraft is performed by Erizon’s HydroRigs. The purpose-built trucks have built-in agitators within the holding tanks that consistently mix the product before being pumped directly into the aircraft holding tanks.
PAC Cresco
The PAC Cresco aircraft combines a short take off and landing performance with a load carrying capability of 1,900 litres. With its tricycle landing gear and rear mounted hopper, the Cresco is unique in agricultural aircraft and, through this configuration, allows for safe operations on short sloping hill strips. Erizon’s HydroRigs with built-in agitators mix the product consistently and then pumped directly into a purpose built truck which is used to load the Cresco plane via a top loading hopper.

Other equipment



LBC HydroTrailer

Spray Bar


Tracked HydroRig

Heavy Lift Drone


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