Heavy Lift Drone

Heavy lift drone application of dust suppression is suited for remote sites with steep or rugged terrain, limited vehicle access, and where safety concerns are paramount. For large-scale dust suppression projects, hybrid or tethered drone options can be considered, to increase both flying time and access to our product.

  • Cover all terrains, including difficult and uneven areas
  • Target specific areas efficiently and accurately
  • Real-time data and feedback speeds up reporting
  • Up to 40 times faster than manual spraying


Industry-leading Drone Service Provider
Industry-leading Drone Service Provider
Throughout the years, we remain at the forefront of using drone technology to promote accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in environmental projects. In compliance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, our heavy lift drones are operated only by trained and licenced personnel.

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Heavy Lift Drone

LBC HydroTrailer

Spray Bar


Tracked HydroRig




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