Erizon’s Products and how they can help

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Erizon's products and how they can help

Erizon are national experts in revegetation, erosion control, and dust suppression. Specialising in mining and industrial projects, if you have a problem, Erizon has the solution; so how can Erizon’s products help with your project?

Erosion Control

All of Erizon’s products provide at least some level of erosion control. Your desired long-term outcome will dictate the best solution for your project.

For immediate and total protection, you can’t look past Erizon’s ground-breaking Australian designed and manufactured EcoArmour. EcoArmour is an erosion control blanket that can be applied hydraulically. Hydraulic application helps eliminate many safety risks while increasing application speed by up to 10 times faster, resulting in less installation time and saving costs.

In a location that can be revegetated, Hydromulch is an excellent choice for erosion control. Erizon’s bonded fibre matrix product, EnviroLoc, provides robust erosion control on high erosion areas, such as slopes. The bonded fibre matrix option includes a second layer that will be applied over the original seed mix to help secure the mix, prevent erosion, and apply it to a much higher gradient slope. Meaning it provides an immediate result for erosion control while allowing for the revegetation on the target area. Being hydraulically applied, hydromulch also brings the same safety benefits and cost-saving as EcoArmour.

Erizon’s EnviroSoil is a topsoil alternative for locations that suffer from soil degradation or nutrient depletion. When combined with EnviroLoc, soil replacement can provide immediate erosion protection while encouraging revegetation. So, for a location that has poor soil quality that is a candidate for revegetation, look at a combination of EnviroSoil and EnviroLoc.


When looking to revegetate a large area, you want a simple and effective solution. Erizon has flexible solutions that provide an answer to most challenges you may find on a project site, while being simple and effective.

Erizon offers two types of hydromulch applications. The solution you choose will depend on the requirements of your project.

The hydromulch HGM (Hydraulic growth medium) product is the standard hydromulch option. The hydromulch mixture includes wood fibre mulch, seeds, fertiliser, and a tackifier. The wood fibre mulch and fertiliser combine to provide a protective layer over the soil to help prevent erosion while also providing the nutrients required for healthy plant growth. The added tackifier helps hold the mixture together once it has been applied to strengthen the protective layer increasing the erosion control provided. When planting a large area, seed displacement due to wind or rain can often be a challenge; the mulch and tackifier combination helps eliminate this potential problem.

Hydromulch BFM (Bonded fibre matrix), known as EnviroLoc, is a two-step hydromulch process for trickier projects. The first step is applying a water and seed layer directly onto the soil. The direct contact of the seeds with the soil encourages faster growth. The second stage is the application of an additional layer that includes a cellulosic mulch, a tackifier, and Erizon’s proprietary binder. Upon drying this viscous binding agent forms a skin over the seeds and soil protecting it from erosion and seed displacement. The resulting skin is much like an erosion control blanket that provides effective erosion control for six to twelve months, by the end of this period the vegetation will have grown enough to provide the required erosion control for the project.

When comparing Hydromulch HGM and EnviroLoc for your project, there are a couple of things to consider. HGM is the cheaper of the two and provides an effective solution in many situations and will normally be the first stop for more straightforward projects with less erosion, weather, or slope challenges. EnviroLoc is a heavier duty choice that can be used to overcome potential challenges. One clear advantage is that EnviroLoc can be used on a much higher gradient slope, up to 6 times higher, due to the protective skin formed during the process holding the seed and mulch to the slope while germination takes place. EnviroLoc provides a higher level of erosion control than Hydromulch HGM, which is necessary for some projects.

Both products are delivered hydraulically, bringing the advantages mentioned earlier. Safety and access challenges are often entirely eliminated through the use of hydraulic application.

EnviroSoil is often used in conjunction with both hydromulch products in locations where there is poor soil health. Soil degradation or depletion is a regular problem in areas that have high erosion rates, high traffic, or have previously been worked. In these cases, a direct application of hydromulch may not be enough for healthy plant growth. Applying a topsoil alternative before the hydromulch application can solve these problems. EnviroSoil is an ideal topsoil alternative to combine with hydromulch as it can also be applied hydraulically, once more bringing those benefits to the project.

Dust Control

All the products previously mentioned provide dust control when applied. The two products with the best levels of dust control out of those already discussed are EcoArmour and EnviroLoc, with Hydromulch HGM also providing a slightly lower level of control but still strong.

For projects that are only looking for a cheap dust control option, Erizon offers SuppressX. SuppressX is a unique emulsion of polymers that creates a strong, durable, and flexible crust that eliminates dust lift-off after a single application. The durable crust is designed to withstand the Australian weather, and even heavy rain events often cause no problems.

For any project, your first step should be talking to an expert. Erizon’s expert staff are the perfect people to speak to when planning your project!