Haul Roads

Treating haul roads with water alone is an expensive, wasteful exercise with the risk of developing unstable and slippery surfaces. RoadBond® is a polymer-based solution that penetrates the road surface and bonds finer particles together, eliminating dust lift off and drastically reducing water usage. Tested extensively in the field, clients have also noticed lower vehicle maintenance costs. Partly because of its non-corrosive properties and the fact that tyres last much longer on the stabilised surface it creates.

RoadBond® is a versatile solution as it can be diluted into existing water cart applications for fewer passes or applied at a higher rate via Erizon’s® HydroRig™ equipment for active longevitiy of up to 6 months. Each site has it’s own requirements and our team of soil scientists can test the substrate and surrounding environmental conditions to give the best possible advice for meeting project requirements.


  • Reduces dust immediately
  • Minimises maintenance costs
  • Increases road stability
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Decreases tyre wear
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