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Mine site rehabilitation refers to the remediation of the negative impacts sustained during mining on the surrounding environment. It is often a legal requirement that the mine sites must integrate environmental and social considerations throughout all phases of production. Revegetating with healthy, sustainable vegetation that supports existing ecosystems is the most efficient and effective way to meet mine sites environmental remediation requirements.

“Reduce your exposure to public safety and environmental hazards liabilities”

Erizon’s tailored approach to mine site rehabilitation takes into consideration the climate, the size of your site, the soil or rock condition and the chemical properties to prepare an appropriate remediation plan aimed at erosion control, dust suppression and successful revegetation of even the most damaged and degraded soils.

The restoration of vegetation in areas that have been disturbed by mining in Australia can reverse the adverse negative impacts caused by the clearing and disturbance. Vegetation controls erosion, reduces land degradation, stabilises batters through root reinforcement and provides a habitat for biodiversity and animal species. Hydroseeding and hydromulching have proven effective on revegetating and stabilising batters on mine sites as part of mining rehabilitation projects that include those of coal mines, copper mines, ash dams, tailings dams and power stations.

Our products and processes are backed by science and the expert knowledge of the industry’s leading agronomists, horticulturists, technical advisors and soil scientists. Our solutions can be used for land rehabilitation both during and after your mining projects to minimise risk and maximise the chance of long term success. Preparing a dust suppression management plan may be a requirement prior to revegetation approval being granted.

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