Erizon® services large-scale environmental projects in the melbourne area, including dust suppression, site rehabilitation, and revegetation via hydroseeding and hydromulching. We utilise the latest technology and can tailor our solutions to your project requirements to help you achieve sustainable long-term results.


Dust Suppression

Dust issues require prompt action due to the hazardous risks to workplace safety and the wider community. We have the experts, products, and equipment to address even the most severe dust issues.

Erosion Control

Erizon’s scientifically-backed erosion control product is EcoArmour. EcoArmour is flexible enough to move with the substrate without cracking the soil and has a guaranteed life span of up to 20 years.


Revegetation projects in harsh environmental conditions can be challenging. With Erizon’s innovative revegetation solutions, we can ensure project success even in construction, civil infrastructure, and mining sites with damaged and depleted soils.

Soil Stabilisation

Mining, construction, and infrastructure developments may disturb the soil and compromise its stability and ability to support vegetation growth. Partner with Erizon to rehabilitate such areas and apply a topsoil alternative suitable for your project landscape.


Hydromulching is specifically designed for drier regions of Australia with no stable source of irrigation, as it allows up to 50% more water retention than other revegetation solutions. The mulch also includes soil enhancers that promote faster germination and plant growth, as well as help prevent erosion.


Hydroseeding is most suitable for areas with nutrient-rich soils and access to irrigation. Erizon’s flagship hydroseeding solution called EnviroSprout can help control erosion even in the most devastated sites in Australia.

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Please note we do not service Residential Projects.