Hydroseeding & Hydromulching Gold Coast

Erosion is one of the biggest environmental challenges on the Gold Coast. The city faces rough weather conditions that negatively impact the residents’ safety, especially those in coastal areas.

Luckily, residents may address these issues with proper hydroseeding and hydromulching. The lack thereof will continue to put private and public property at risk of destruction.

Erizon understands the complexity of some sites and how industries may need expert help in actualising their revegetation plans. Hence our offer of a sustainable hydroseeding and hydromulching solution to site managers in Gold Coast.

Meeting the Challenges of Hydroseeding & Hydromulching

Gold Coast abounds in open coastal areas, attracting locals and travellers to come and pick a seaside residence. Unfortunately, beaches and sand cliffs are more prone to erosion due to their composition.

When extreme weather such as storms come, these unconsolidated sediments get easily washed away.

Factor in climate change and its adverse impacts, and weather events even become more severe and frequent. The increase in frequency hastens the erosion problems and wears beaches and coastal cliffs away.

As if it’s not yet enough, the problem goes beyond erosion by water.

Bushfires also threaten forests and lands in the city. The Gold Coast loses a part of its lush lands to these fires. The fires even leave the ground barren. Soils get depleted and will need enhancement to be able to support plant growth once again.

As a response to these environmental challenges, the city council and some resident volunteers initiated action plans in soil mitigation.

Part of their strategy was to penalise developments that do not follow land rehabilitation guidelines. The plan also gives guidance on how to lessen erosion risks in highly sloped regions.

Despite these initiatives, the Gold Coast still suffers from erosion risks. In part, the issue is on the vastness of the areas, requiring proper equipment and expert knowledge for efficient revegetation.

For this reason, Erizon is extending help to landowners facing erosion issues in the city.

The Best Solution for Hydroseeding & Hydromulching in Gold Coast

Erizon offers hydroseeding and hydromulching solutions to help revegetate the barren and depleted soils on the Gold Coast.

Hydroseeding involves the hydraulic application of seed, fertiliser, and water to large areas. When necessary, we include growth-supporting additives in the mixture. Our team of technicians will use purpose-built hydroseeder trucks to apply the solution evenly across the site.

Meanwhile, our hydromulching solution comprises two methods: hydromulching HGM and hydromulching BFM.

Hydromulching HGM (Hydraulic Growth Medium) emphasises moisture retention to support faster vegetative growth while minimising erosion. It’s a one-step process that sprays seed, fertiliser, binders and tackifiers, and tracking dyes to the seedbed.

Meanwhile, hydromulching BFM (Bonded Fibre Matrix) is highly suitable for steep slopes and rainfall-prone areas. It provides stabilisation, erosion control, and plant growth support. It also involves a two-step application process, the first of which ensures seed-to-soil contact. The second step includes the spraying of proprietary binders and tackifiers and cellulosic mulch that makes the entire solution for binding.

Overall, the procedure provides a protective erosion control blanket over the soil. This skin layer can last for as long as 6–12 months.

Hydromulching BFM is best for batters, verges, slopes, and even flat areas without an adequate moisture source.

For any client we serve, our team follows a scientific procedure that starts with an initial investigation and soil analysis and ends in a monitoring phase. This process allows us to address all issues and tailor all solutions to the site’s peculiar conditions.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has served Australia for over 25 years now, offering our science-based hydroseeding and hydromulching solutions to private landowners and public property.

Our methods have always been backed by research and a dedication to environmental protection and sustainable soil management.

We have a team of scientists and engineers who develop environmentally compliant solutions to barren lands and erosion-risk areas. Each team member follows our scientific protocol in addressing client needs. This process ensures that we’re addressing every peculiar concern on the site.

Erizon also values excellence and adapts this principle in our research efforts and product development. This practice makes our solutions superior to conventional methods in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness.

On top of it all, we have a genuine care for the environment. For this reason, we ensure that all our hydromulching and hydroseeding solutions are environment-friendly.

Ultimately, Erizon envisions an erosion-free Gold Coast, hence our drive for providing our tailored and science-based services.

Are you ready to get started on your hydroseeding & hydromulching project? Get in touch with us today.

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