3D Mapping

Ultra-Precise Mapping Capabilities

When you need a site survey, accuracy is paramount. Using drones with high-resolution cameras and sophisticated photogrammetry software allows our team to create a detailed 3D model of your site. This map contains exact and reliable data that can be used to plan and execute projects efficiently. Compared to traditional ground-based survey methods, drone-enabled mapping provides a faster and safer way to assess large and challenging areas.

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Key benefits

More Detailed View
The cutting-edge features of our drones can provide in-depth details of the site, even over very large areas.
Saves Time and Money
Aerial surveys and 3D mapping using Erizon’s drones can be completed faster and at a fraction of the regular cost of traditional approaches.
High Precision
Erizon delivers centimeter-level precision 3D mapping using its high resolution multi-spectral cameras.
Improved Safety
Our drones work well even under low light and harsh weather conditions. This means humans don't need to be physically involved in the scoping of the site, especially in dangerous terrains.

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Please note we do not service Residential Projects.