Aerial Spraying

Targeted Aerial Spraying Over Any Terrain

With the ability to cover varied and uneven terrain, drones provide a safer and more efficient solution to projects where access is limited to traditional hydroseeding equipment.

Targeting areas where treatment of fertiliser and soil ameliorants is necessary, aerial spraying can treat an area up to 40 times faster than manual spraying operations, reducing disease and increasing efficiency. Hybrid drones that utilise an onboard generator can be deployed for projects that require extended flight times.

Key benefits

Greater Speed and Efficiency
Erizon’s drones can spray over 40 times faster than manual methods. This means our aerial spraying solution can cover larger areas in much less time.
Cost Savings
Aerial spraying powered by drones reduces labour costs and makes the application of spray solutions more efficient.
Improved Precision
Our intelligent control system enables precise navigation at centimetre-level and allows our drones to adjust spray height accordingly for uneven terrains.
Optimal amounts of spray solutions are maintained to produce consistent outcomes.
All-Terrain Compatible
Erizon’s drones can fly in all weather conditions, and can access dangerous or difficult-to-reach areas that require stabilisation or rehabilitation.

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Please note we do not service Residential Projects.