SEQ Policy

Erizon® believes that all workers have the right to a safe and healthy workplace, in which hazards and risks to health and safety, the environment, and quality have been eliminated or reduced, so far as is reasonably practicable.

To achieve this objective, Erizon® has implemented an integrated management system that is aligned and certified to Australian and International Standards AS/NZS 4801, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. The Erizon® management system is complemented by relevant safety, environmental, and quality objectives and targets, which are set and reviewed during the annual management review meeting, to achieve and improve the performance of our systems.

Safety, environmental, and quality performance is key to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. Erizon® is committed to meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. To achieve this, Erizon® is committed to continually improving its products and services and the effectiveness of its Safety, Environmental, and Quality Management System.

Erizon® is committed to:

  1. Providing a safe and healthy workplace that prevents work-related injury and ill-health for all its workers, contractors, visitors, customers, and other interested parties. This includes a commitment to controlling hazards and risks using the Hierarchy of Controls and a commitment to ensuring the participation of workers and their representatives in the decision-making process;
  1. Complying with all relevant safety and environmental legislation, and all other requirements; and
  1. Protecting the environment, including preventing pollution, and meeting our environmental commitments and compliance obligations.

The Erizon® management team accept their responsibility for safety, environmental, and quality performance, however, all workers, contractors, visitors, and customers have a part to play in achieving this.

Erizon® ensures that this policy is maintained, updated, and communicated throughout the company. The policy is available to interested parties via the Erizon® website and upon request.

Erizon® believes that no job or project is so urgent that time cannot be taken to perform the work in a safe, responsible manner, taking care of the health and safety of workers, and environment.

Tom Corkhill
Operations Manager
1st September 2020