The deterioration of soil by water, wind and other natural forces can be a major ecological problem if not handled correctly. Here at Erizon®, we believe that revegetation is the best form of erosion control. Damaged and depleted soils require

Soil Stabilisation

Erizon® uses a cost-effective and long-lasting soil stabilisation method developed by a recognised leader in the field of soil stabilisation around the world. Extensive investment in research has helped formulate some of the most effective and advanced soil stabilisation agents

Drone Services

Precision technology has driven the agriculture revolution for years however agronomists, agriculture engineers and even farmers are turning to the use of UAVs to gain better insights and more accurately plan and manage their operations.

Hydraulic Topsoil

Biotic Soil Amendments (BSA) are soil amendments that have been designed to improve the composition of poor soils that lack essential nutrients and bio activity after they have been disturbed by land activity, acting as a complete topsoil alternative.

Dust Suppression

The cutting-edge technologies we use for dust suppression will not only save water but can also dramatically minimise site activity and the time, money and energy spent on project management tasks. At the same time, they consistently achieve significantly better

Erosion Control

EcoArmour® is a synthetic erosion control blanket that has been designed to be sprayed through high-pressure HydroRig™ equipment. Once sprayed, it dries and sets in a matter of hours, providing extended high-shear resistant erosion control.

Hydromulching BFM – (Bonded Fibre Matrix)

Revegetating steep slopes and areas that are prone to high rainfall require a tailored approach to ensure revegetation success. Hydromulching with Bonded Fibre Matrix provides the necessary protection against erosion control, encourages plant growth and stabilises steep slopes.

Hydromulching HGM

Hydraulic Growth Mediums (HGM) work to hold moisture longer to support faster vegetation growth while minimising erosion. The innovation of this product means that they are highly effective in all climate types, even after sustained periods of rain and are


Hydroseeding is the hydraulic application of water, seed, fertiliser and the option of growth-supporting additives utilising purpose-built hydroseeder trucks to provide environmentally friendly and safe revegetation of large areas.