Sustainability Policy

Erizon® is committed to a sustainability culture that considers company operations in a manner that reduces our environmental and social impact. Our mindset underpins our approach to conducting business the right way by protecting our values and working toward solutions that benefit the global environment.

Our Vision

"Taking steps today for a brighter future tomorrow."

The foundation of our company's vision supports our beliefs by distinguishing and guiding our actions. We operate our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner to protect the environment and the communities in which we work. We endeavour to achieve excellence, innovation and performance by adopting sustainable practices that help decrease our environmental footprint.

The journey toward transparency and accountability is a continuous process; where our leadership team ensure that all internal processes uphold our sustainability policy.

Our principals

In implementing sustainability across any workplace activity, members of Erizon® are committed to maintaining the following seven principles:

Open participation

Detailed and transparent involvement is encouraged across all levels of the company, designed to provide insight into improved sustainable approaches.

Shared responsibility

Shared responsibility: people and the environment are our most valuable resources - all employees are required to share the company’s accountability and sustainability practices within the workplace.

Global Viewpoint

Erizon’s® sustainability movement reflects our awareness to influence and reach beyond the confines of our own company and present generations.


Our leaders are accountable for shaping our culture and leading our sustainability policy practices. As expected role models, they enable the opportunity for the Erizon® team to commit to maintaining low environmental impact processes.


Erizon’s® decision-making procedures integrate long-term environmental, social and economic, considerations; measured by planning around employee experience, roles, culture, and enabled through sustainable practices.


Erizon® is committed to looking toward improved and innovative sustainable practices that will eliminate the risk of irreversible environmental damage.


We are committed to maintaining an up-to-date understanding of all sustainability principles and practices.

Environmental Management

We have developed and implemented environmental management systems across all sites to ensure we are eliminating our environmental impact. Key considerations include energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, ozone-depleting substances, office waste, building waste and resource recovery.

Our Commitment & Scope

At Erizon®, we adopt practices that use resources sustainably and environmental management approaches consistent with the international standard ISO 14001.


We are committed to operating in a way that does not compromise on our sustainability efforts. This framework ensures that all actions are considered processes, designed to eliminate our environmental impact.


Quarterly meetings support our longstanding commitment to reporting on our sustainability practices. This action provides accountability and presents an opportunity for the leadership team to discuss our overall environmental impact and acknowledge areas that require immediate attention.

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