Swale Drains

Swale drains are linear, subtle channels that collect, reduce and delay stormwater run-off. In most cases they are lined with grass or more densely vegetation which is more aesthetically appealing than kerb and gutter drainage.

Grass and dense vegetation however require ideal growing conditions including sunlight, regular water and nutrient dense soil. When these conditions are not present, heavy rainfall leads to erosion, sediment build up and flooding.

Swale drains used to manage large scale mining overburden is a common place for such conditions. Often the soil is heavily degraded and is prone to erosion brought by heavy stormwater. There are a number of ways you can treat this problem. Bed liners, geo textiles and even concrete can be used but these methods are expensive and not always environmentally friendly. These know issues were the catalyst behind the development of EcoArmour®.

EcoArmour® can be installed quickly, efficiently and is effective against medium level weather events within a few hours. The solution conforms to the rough surfaces of the swale bed and dries to form a hydrophobic layer. Fibre matrix technology provides superior strength and the ability to flex without compromising protection. Longevity of EcoArmour® is rated to 20 years plus.

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