Tailings Storage Facilities

Effective dust suppression for tailings storage facilities is vital in reducing the environmental impact, effects on neighbouring communities, as well as eliminating risk and liabilities for fines from the EPA resulting from dust control violations.

Our approach to effective dust suppression is a combination of extensive analysis, product testing and the development of innovative application techniques. Not all sites are the same and project goals can differ greatly, which is why our team develop multiple solutions that target specific needs of our clients. These include large scale dust suppression and erosion control, dust suppression for extreme environments and dust suppression that promotes revegetation.

Each solution is tested extensively before application and after, with our advanced post monitoring system Envizo. Clients now have the option to access instant data points showing the progress of dust suppression and revegetation projects in real-time.

What ever the size, shape or composition of the tailings, our team have the experience, knowledge and technical expertise to effectively manage dust with an effective longevity guarantee of up to 24 months.

Our dust suppression solutions facilitate;

  • decreased liability issues
  • EPA compliancy
  • reduced risk for neighbouring communities
  • an over all reduced environmental impact
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