Our commercial HydroTrucks use the industry's latest technology to ensure the performance of the highest quality. Our HydroTrucks features many of the design innovations that Erizon has become famous for such as all hydraulic controls for the agitation system, spray pump, and mulch grinder. Our units feature an engine forward design that removes the engine and its sensitive electronics from the wet end of the Truck.

Suitable Application Types

  • Erizon Application Type Helicopter
  • Erizon Application Type Air Tractor
    Air Tractor
  • Erizon Application Type HydroTruck Cannon
  • Erizon Application Type Heavy Lift Drone
  • Erizon Application Type Hose
  • Erizon Application Type Spraybar
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HydroTruck Benefits

As our industry continues to develop new and exciting ways to succeed in revegetation, the technology we use must also develop. At Erizon, we always use the latest and most effective equipment, including our HydroTrucks that provide the best Hydromulching or Hydroseeding application result for our client.

  • All hydraulic power for ease of use and additional safety
  • High-performance slurry pumps
  • Innovative design for increased performance
  • Contains agitators that will allow the product to be uniformly mixed
Dual Cannons Edge Protection Front Access Dead Man’s switch Roll Protection Spill Kit, First AidFire Extinguisher Safety Light Safety Light 8 x 4 3 Agitators Twin Steer Reverse Beeping Rear Access Extended Hose Reel
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Why Choose Erizon?
  • We utilise the latest research and techniques to deliver the best results
  • We can mobilise rapidly from depots in each state of Australia
  • Proven results, with over 25 years experience
  • ISO AS/NZS 4801 Health & Safety
  • ISO 14001 Environment
  • ISO 9001 Quality