Revegetating with healthy, sustainable vegetation that supports existing ecosystems is the most efficient and effective way to meet environmental remediation requirements. The restoration of vegetation in areas that have been disturbed by activity in Australia can reverse the adverse impacts caused by clearing and disturbance.

Vegetation controls erosion, reduces land degradation, stabilises batters through root reinforcement, and provides a habitat for biodiversity and animal species.

Suitable Application Types


Essential benefits

Long-term Solutions
Our solutions provide long-term weed prevention, good soil health, and cost savings due to reduced watering requirements.
Tailored Approach
We develop a tailored plan and solution according to your site-specific requirements and project goals.
Project Monitoring
All solutions are scientifically tested in labs by experts, and projects are monitored to ensure success.

The Erizon Approach

Revegetation and rehabilitation projects in damaged landscapes following construction or mining activities in Australia can be challenging. Through soil testing, we can analyse the soil composition on your site to gain insights as to how the land can be improved. From there, we will outline a recommended plan of action based on the local climate and site-specific requirements.

Let us tailor-fit your revegetation plans – get in touch with us today so we can start with your soil testing and analysis.

The process

Collect & Assess
Soil testing provides essential information to determine how we can optimise plant growth in any environment.
Choose Optimal Species
Depending on the site location, conditions, and intended use, we will recommend the most suitable plant species.
Tailor the Best Solution
We will select the best solution and tailor it to maximise growth, functional longevity, and erosion control effectiveness.
Implement Even Application
Our highly trained technicians will ensure the solution is mixed thoroughly and applied evenly to deliver consistent results.
Spray Through Drones
Drone technology allows us to apply fertiliser, trace elements, and soil probiotics 4-8 weeks after seeding application to ensure ongoing project success.
Perform Post Project Monitoring
Drones equipped with the latest scanning and imaging technologies aid with monitoring to ensure that the project is going as planned and we deliver the best possible results.

Case studies

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Kanmantoo Bluestone Quarry- Stockpile Dust Suppression Project

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Kanmantoo Copper Mine Site Rehabilitation Project

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Port Augusta Ash Dam- Dust Suppression & Revegetation Project

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