Dust Suppression

The cutting-edge technologies we use for dust suppression will not only save water but can also dramatically minimise site activity and the time, money and energy spent on project management tasks. At the same time, they consistently achieve significantly better dust control results.

Suitable Application Types

Spray Bar

Essential benefits

Water Saving
Our specially engineered dust suppression products feature water-saving capabilities of up to 80%.
Immediate Control
Instant results upon application.
Our dust suppression products are extremely cost-effective over time.
Environmentally Compliant
Our products have been formulated to meet the highest environmental standards.
Multi-Application Types
Erizon's dust suppression products can be hydraulically applied using hose, cannon, spray bar, or air tractor.
Specialty Manufactured
We design our solutions specifically for the harsh conditions of the Australian mining, civil, and infrastructure industry.

Tailored Solutions for Dust Control Challenges

Our dust control and soil stabilisation products have been engineered and scientifically tested for their efficiency on various substrates. Upon application, a durable, water-resistant surface crust is created over soil and aggregate to suppress dust.

Proven effective on mine sites, ash dams, tailing dams, and power stations, each application is tailored to meet your site-specific requirements. With our extensive experience in working in large and remote sites, you can trust that our dust control solutions can help you achieve successful results.

With the need to access low bearing capacity surfaces such as ash tailings dams and ash dams, our engineers are innovating vehicles and techniques that are unique to our industry. These technologies are saving our clients time, money and provide safer working environments.

The process

Tailor the Best Solution
We will work closely with you to develop a tailored solution that can address even the most extreme dust control issues.
Drone Survey
We will conduct a highly accurate and detailed 3D survey to map out the area of your site.
Even & Uniform Application
Our highly trained technicians will use HydroRigs, water carts, or aerial application to ensure even and consistent application.
Site Monitoring
Equipped with state-of-the-art scanning and imaging technologies, our drones will monitor the project to ensure that we are on track towards achieving our project goals.

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