GoSeed® - Advanced Hydroseeding Australia

GoSeed® is a new, advanced hydroseeding product from Erizon®. With our more than 20 years of experience in revegetating some of the harshest terrains in the country, GoSeed® has been specifically developed to deliver superior germination rates with added protection to enhance vegetation success.

GoSeed® contains beneficial microbes that were carefully selected by soil scientists to provide the best possible conditions for growth. Proprietary binders help to bond the mixture to the soil, retaining vital water while, at the same time, reducing the risk of erosion during the germination process.

When you need to vegetate large areas with a cost-effective solution, GoSeed® is the superior choice compared to conventional methods - and at only a fraction of the cost of laying down fresh turf.

  • A cost-effective way to accelerate vegetation over large areas with slopes up to 5h:1v
  • Promotes faster germination with seed protection for denser vegetation
  • Contains environmentally-friendly marking dye for even distribution
  • Can be applied with or without mulch
  • Australian made
Erizon GoSeed
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Key Benefits

  • 1
    Soil Boost

    High-performance soil catalyst containing billions of bacteria and essential nutrients.

  • 2

    Hydroseeding not only reduces project and labour costs, but it is also an economical alternative to laying turf.

  • 3

    Enhances effectiveness by binding together Hydromulch components with soil until germination takes place.

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    Backed By Experts

    We employ the most knowledgeable minds within the industry to ensure that our expert staff provides you with comprehensive advice.

Science and Nature Combined

Erizon EnviroSprout

Best Application Method

GoSeed® is most effective when applied using large-scale HydroRigs™. The environmentally-friendly green dye makes the solution visible to the spray technician so an even coat can be applied, reducing the chance that areas will be missed or over-sprayed. GoSeed® is also suitable for aerial application such as Air Tractor, Helicopter, or even remote-controlled agricultural drones.

Erizon GoSeed

Expected Outcome

Once your site-specific seed species have been determined, they are combined together with GoSeed® and water to form a consistent slurry. This can then be applied using the appropriate hydroseeding equipment. Once applied, the binder will bond to the soil while retaining microbe-rich water to nourish and germinate the seed. Germination usually occurs within three days to one week of application depending on weather conditions and location.

Formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficiency.

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How EnviroSprout™ Works

Our team of specialists formulated GoSeed® to meet the highest standards of environmental efficiency. The research and tests done during the formulation itself as well as the implementation we’ve been able to carry out through our many years of using the product have proven GoSeed®'s irrefutable effectiveness, thus guaranteeing 100% success for your project.

Typically, GoSeed® will deliver results within four to six weeks of application.

Erizon Supply Supply Erizon Apply Apply Erizon Guarantee Guarantee
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