Haul Road Dust Suppression Products

FibreLoc® is a superior dust suppression product. Scientifically engineered for the harshest of conditions where polymer solutions aren’t suitable and sustainable longevity is required.

Ideal for exposed substrates with high salinity levels such as Tailing Storage Facilities, FibreLoc® succeeds where polymer-based solutions fail due to its unique intersecting natural wood fibres and sustainable binders. FibreLoc® creates a flexible blanket, ideal for uneven terrain that is prone to movement.

Once in contact with the substrate, the composition of the solution provides a functional longevity of up to 24 months, dependent on environmental conditions.

  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Resistant to high salinity levels
  • Engineered for even coverage over uneven terrain
  • Flexible for shifting substrates
  • Optional seed can be added to achieve vegetation/dust suppression objectives
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Extensively tested and proven
  • Australian made
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How FibreLoc® works

FibreLoc® contains interlocking organic wood fibres to form a flexible and stable blanket, suitable for uneven and dynamic substrates such as Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs).

FibreLoc® can be applied with seed as the wood fibre growth medium provides ideal conditions for growth.

The wood fibre’s asperous surface acts as a catchment zone, trapping rolling dust caused by strong winds. The engineered construct of FibreLoc® enables it to re-establish itself if damaged from shifting surfaces.

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Common Application Methods

FibreLoc® is consistently mixed by in-built agitators within the holding tanks of our purpose-built HydroRigs™, to ensure that a uniform application is achieved. FibreLoc® is applied via cannon or hose, directly onto the contours of the surface and dries to form a flexible yet durable bonded fibre matrix which acts asa blanket, providing superior dust superior dust suppression and erosion control for unpredictable conditions.

For large area tailings storage facilities such as tailings dams and ash dams, Erizon has developed a tracked tractor and trailer setup for accessing previously inaccessible surfaces. For more information click here.

Erizon Application Type Hose
With the capacity to reach distances over 400 meters, hoses and pumps can safely cover steep and inaccessible slopes and delicate tight spaces with the addition of exteded hose reels.
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Erizon Application Type HydroTruck Cannon
Hydraulic truck-mounted cannons are often utilised to apply the product from a distance of up to 100 meters efficiently. Where required, dual cannons can be used to apply the product from both sides of the spray zone simultaneously.
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