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HydroBond dust suppressant is a specialist blend of polymers and proprietary additives that mixes with water to act as a binder and tackifier for all applications. HydroBond can be applied singularly as an effective and economical dust suppressant or combined with other hydromulching or hydroseeding products, such as tackifiers and fibres.

Designed to penetrate and bind most soil and sand types, application rates are able to be tailored to achieve your desired penetration depth. Treated soils form a unique matrix structure ensuring that the soil remains permeable to air and water. The properties of HydroBond allow an increase in water retention and decrease the leaching of much needed nutrients, enhancing growth and promoting faster germination of seeds for revegetation. As an added benefit, HydroBond polymers have been combined with proprietary additives to ensure superior technical performance and bio-degradable crusting once applied to the soil.

  • Most effective when applied through hydroseeding equipment
  • Cost effective & environmentally friendly
  • Can be applied with a choice of colour
  • Promotes faster germination with seed protection
  • Applied with or without mulch
Erizon HydroBond
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How HydroBond Works

HydroBond produces a 3D honeycomb matrix throughout the topsoil layer, forming a crusting. The unique open matrix structure that is formed within soils treated with HydroBond ensures that soil remains permeable to air and water so that germination of seedlings is enabled. The physical and chemical properties of soils when treated facilitate excellent water retention, thus allowing for subsequent water savings.


HydroBond is conveniently in a liquid form and is simply diluted with water and sprayed directly onto the exposed surface providing superior dust suppression and erosion control. Usually clear in appearance, a green dye can be added to the mix to ensure that even and uniform application is achieved.

Extremely versatile and easy to handle, HydroBond can be applied utilising conventional spraying equipment, existing site water carts and tankers.

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Common Application Methods

Utilising specialist equipment enables areas in excess of 50,000 square meters to be covered per day, significantly reducing project time and costs, as well as accelerating the reduction of dust.

Erizon Application Type Hose


With the capacity to reach distances in excess of 250 meters, hoses and pumps can safely cover steep and inaccessible slopes as well as delicate and tight spaces with the addition of extended hose reels.

Erizon Application Type Spraybar

Spray Bar

Perfect for application to flat areas only, utilising a spray bar attached to HydroTruck equipment or existing site water carts and tankers is the most economical way to apply SuppressX.

Erizon Application Type HydroTruck Cannon


Hydraulic, truck-mounted cannons are often utilised to efficiently apply product from a distance of over 100 meters. Where required, dual cannons can be utilised to apply product from both sides of the spray zone simultaneously.

Erizon Application Type Air Tractor


Utilising a fixed-wing plane or helicopter is an effective and highly capable application method when trying to target isolated and difficult to reach areas. Aerial application is extremely suited to tailing storage facilities (TSF) and ash dams where vehicle access is limited.

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