How To Guarantee Successful Revegetation

The science-backed guide to ensure successful revegetation on degraded land.

EcoArmour Erosion Control Blanket

EcoArmour is a hydraulically applied erosion control blanket that is durable and cost-effective with a functional longevity of 20+ years.

FibreLoc Dust Suppression Solution

FibreLoc is an advanced dust control product engineered to withstand the harshest Australian conditions and areas with high salinity levels.

RoadBond Dust Suppressant

RoadBond is a non-corrosive dust suppressant solution for unsealed road surfaces that can improve stability, minimise tyre wear, and reduce maintenance costs.

HydroBond Dust Control Solution

HydroBond is a dust suppression solution for when dust is the immediate concern, but longer-term revegetation is the ultimate goal.

SuppressX Dust Suppression Product

SuppressX is a dust control solution for non-trafficked areas. It creates a protective crust to eliminate dust without changing the composition of the substrate.

EnviroSoil Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment

EnviroSoil is a hydraulically applied topsoil alternative. replenishes the composition of degraded soils that lack essential nutrients and bioactivity.

GoSeed HydroSeeding

GoSeed is an advanced hydroseeding product scientifically designed to deliver exceptional germination rates for optimum vegetation coverage.

EnviroLoc Airfield

EnviroLoc Airfield is made with an airport-grade polymer blend, engineered to prevent erosion by jet blast while promoting rapid plant growth.

EnviroSprout Hydromulching HGM (Hydraulic Growth Medium)

Perfect for vegetating large expanses of land, EnviroSprout HGM provides protective cover and ideal conditions to accelerate plant growth.

EnviroLoc Hydromulching BFM (Bonded Fibre Matrix)

EnviroLoc Hydromulching BFM is an advanced hydromulch solution that boosts vegetation growth and controls erosion.

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