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Erizon EnviroSoil
Designed for when you need vegetation, but your soil won’t support it. A smarter way to replace depleted soils, overcoming site challenges.
Erizon EnviroPro
A high-performing growth medium matrix designed around superior performance, erosion control, growth establishment and functional longevity.
Erizon EnviroPro
Enhanced with microbiological amendments that promote soil health, optimise germination and helps water infiltration.
Erosion Control
Erizon EcoArmour
A synthetic erosion control blanket that dries and sets in a matter of hours, providing extended high-shear resistant erosion control.
Dust Suppression
Erizon SuppressX
A unique emulsion of microscopic cross linked super absorbent polymers has the ability to provide immediate results.
Erizon HydroBond
A specialist blend of polymers and proprietary additives that mixes with water to act as a binder and tackifier for all applications.
Erizon RoadBond
Perfect for trafficked areas, specifically designed for the harsh conditions of the mining, resources and infrastructure industries.

About Us

It is imperative that soil stabilisation, revegetation and site rehabilitation processes are executed with a focus on unceasing results. Therefore, we are dedicated to utilising products primarily developed in Australia in consultation with industry leaders. These products and techniques have been proven in the field to rehabilitate some of the most degraded and depleted soils across Australia.

The utilisation of drones has allowed us to gain profound insights into our projects. Consequently, we can accurately plan and manage our rehabilitation process. Using multispectral imaging cameras and sensors, we can provide our clients with the option of Rehabilitation Performance Monitoring and advanced analytics for more accurate performance data.

Erizon has achieved certification for its safety, environmental and quality management systems to ISO and Australian Standards.

As a result of this certification, Erizon are trusted for providing unparalleled revegetation, erosion control and dust suppression solutions across Australia.

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