Northern Territory

Our team has proven that their wealth of experience and expertise has successfully helped some of the harshest environmental issues in the Northern Territory – including dust suppression, hydromulching, hydroseeding, soil stabilisation, and erosion control. If you are looking for a professional company, backed by experience and expertise then don’t look any further than Erizon. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to speak with our dedicated team of specialists.

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Dust Suppression

Erizon Chopper Spray

Dust control is a major problem for Australian, particularly the Northern Territory and can severely impinge on the work health and safety for those in the mining, civil, infrastructure and construction industries. We have worked with clients just like you to provide a proven and effective dust suppression solution designed for success.

Soil Stabilisation


Disturbed soil occurring from large, mining, civil and infrastructure sites across the Northern Territory can result in an unbalanced soil profile which will often require soil stabilisation to effectively rehabilitate and revegetate the site. Erizon has scientifically engineered EnviroSoil, a topsoil alternative comprised of soil conditioners extracts and mineral blends designed to assist with the rehabilitation processes.


Erizon Truck Spray

Given that the Northern Territory is one of the most barren states in Australia, hydromulching is often the best option when it comes to revegetation. Designed to support faster vegetation growth through the accompaniment of the hydroscopic fibre mulch, scientifically engineered to hold 50% more water than traditional methods, therefore helping maintain moisture during times of minimal rain.

Erosion Control

Erizon Truck Spray

Although the Northern Territory can be dry, when the wet season strikes, this can be just as damaging, causing adverse erosion along coastlines along with inland areas such as vertical walls, rail lines, batters, steep slopes, swales and many more. We have specialised solutions that can help solve your environmental issue.

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