Erizon uses hoses for smaller scale projects or on challenging terrains where a high level of accuracy is crucial such as rail batters and steep gradients. Different hose nozzles can also be attached depending on the job requirement to ensure even application.

  • Reach distances of 400 metres
  • High accuracy
  • Safely cover tight spaces and steep, inaccessible slopes


High Accuracy Application for Small Scale Projects
High Accuracy Application for Small Scale Projects
Solutions are stored in our HydroRigs equipped with 3 built-in agitators to ensure that the product is mixed thoroughly. Our hydraulic hose is then used by our qualified application specialists to maneuver safely on difficult to access areas.

Other equipment

LBC HydroTrailer

Tracked HydroRig

Spray Bar

Heavy Lift Drone





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Please note we do not service Residential Projects.