LBC HydroTrailer

The LBC HydroTrailer is a specially developed, low-ground-pressure system capable of applying solutions efficiently, accurately and above all, safely. The tracked tractor has the capability of extending its track width past that of the trailer tracks, which reduces compaction and extends the integrity of the substrate.

This innovative technology enables our team to cover substantially larger sized tailings storage facilities (TSFs) or steep batters safely and more accurately.

  • Ability to access low bearing capacity surfaces
  • Fast and efficient coverage of large areas
  • Minimal ground compaction
  • Increased stability due to wide footprint
  • Spill kit, first aid, and fire suppression
  • Emergency cut-off switches
  • Edge protection system and other safety features

LBC HydroTrailer variations

LBC HydroTrailer 180
LBC HydroTrailer 330
LBC HydroTrailer 180
Designed for the safe, accurate, and efficient delivery of solutions in difficult areas with low bearing capacity surfaces, the LBC HydroTrailer has an optional drag scraper and roller equipment that can be used to smoothen the surface behind the vehicle if the surface is sodden. This reduces costs by eliminating the need to use extra product on uneven surfaces created by the wake of the vehicle on wet ground.
LBC HydroTrailer 330
The LBC HydroTrailer 330 is the same as the 180 but has a larger capacity with similar Ground pressure PSI.

Other equipment


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LBC HydroTrailer



Tracked HydroRig

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