Spray Bar

Erizon uses spray bars for efficient application of our solutions on trafficked areas. Mounted on HydroRigs, the internal agitators mix the product thoroughly before being sprayed. The spray bar kit with configurable nozzles ensures a consistent and uniform spread for maximum product efficiency.

  • Configurable with different nozzles
  • Consistent and even application
  • Fast and efficient application
  • Ideal for trafficked areas

Spray Bar

Configurable Spray Equipment for Trafficked Areas
Configurable Spray Equipment for Trafficked Areas
Intended to be used for trafficked areas such as haul roads, our spray bar comes with several interchangeable nozzle options for consistent application. Depending on the project requirement, we can configure the nozzle placement, number of nozzles, spray pattern, and spray angle, which may range from 0° to 175°.

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Spray Bar

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