Tracked HydroRig

When the site is on rough, uneven terrain, soft or wet grounds, or otherwise hard-to-reach areas, our tracked HydroRig is what you need to get the job done. Our industry-first tracked HydroRigs are designed for efficient hydraulic application on challenging terrains, preventing the equipment from getting stuck and putting a dent in your productivity.

  • Fast and efficient product application on any terrain
  • Innovative design for exceptional performance
  • Built-in agitators for uniform mixing of solutions
  • Enhanced safety and ease of use
  • Fire suppression features

Tracked HydroRig

Smart Design That Brings Efficiency to the Next Level
Smart Design That Brings Efficiency to the Next Level
Our Tracked HydroRigs are the most recent addition to our growing fleet of innovative equipment. Because safety is of paramount importance, our tractor comes installed with 30 angled tread rubber tracks to ensure maximum surface footprint for greater stability. Through our low ground pressure workhorse, we can help you cover large tailings storage facilities or steep batters safely, efficiently, and more accurately.

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