“Vision Zero – A company culture where safety is our number one priority and ‘zero’ is the only acceptable number for accidents or fatalities in the workplace.”

Vision Zero ensures that all parties involved in projects are protected at all times. We achieve this by implementing safety guidelines in our operations, systems, procedures, and personnel actions.

Our Vision Zero guidelines are subject to client partnership agreements, keeping processes and workplace tasks aligned with our clients’ safety compliances to minimise potential risks.

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Risk management

We work closely with our clients when conducting risk assessments to take into account all site-specific hazards, knowledge of equipment, and operations.

Vision Zero’s framework is built around the complete elimination of hazards and risks to achieve zero workplace injury or illness.

Process safety

Process safety is a systematic approach in maintaining safe operations. By implementing the right internal and external processes, hazards and injuries can be avoided.

All personnel are required to hold up-to-date documentation including Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems certifications, High-Risk Work licences, drivers licences, and White Cards. We adhere to requirements for mine and construction employee safety compliance and can obtain additional training and certifications upon request.

Risk Management

Risk assessments are conducted in partnership with our clients, taking into consideration site-specific hazards, knowledge of equipment and operations.

The framework of Vision Zero is built around the elimination of hazards and risks – to allow for ‘zero’ opportunities for a workplace injury or illness. Our Hierarchy of Control Measures provides six steps to removing risks from company processes.

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