Erizon is committed to a culture of sustainability that benefits the global environment. We operate in a manner that reduces our environmental and social impact while delivering value to our clients.

Our company’s vision guides the way we operate our business – ethically and in a socially responsible manner. While we strive to achieve excellence and stay at the forefront of our industry, we adopt sustainable practices that protect the environment and our communities.

Our leadership team recognises that the journey toward transparency and accountability is an ongoing process. So we ensure that all internal processes remain consistently aligned with our sustainability policy.

Our Values


As role models, our leaders are committed to upholding our sustainability policy and ensuring the entire team maintains low environmental impact practices.


We implement a holistic approach in decision making by integrating long-term environmental, social, and economic considerations.


Erizon is dedicated to continuously innovating to improve our sustainability practices, focusing on reducing or eliminating the risk of irreversible environmental damage.


Our team commits to stay up-to-date with the latest research and news that will help us gain fresh ideas to improve our practices and processes.

Open Participation

We aim to establish a collaborative environment where detailed and transparent involvement is encouraged across all levels of the company.

Shared Responsibility

People and the environment are our most valuable resources. All members of the Erizon team are expected to share the company’s accountability and must advocate our sustainability practices.

Global Viewpoint

We aim to influence and go beyond the confines of our own company, community, and current generation.


We develop and implement environmental management systems that focus on energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, ozone-depleting substances, office waste, building waste, and resource recovery across all sites.

Our Commitment & Scope

We adopt practices that use resources sustainably and an environmental management approach that surpasses the international standard ISO 14001.


We are committed to operating in a way that does not compromise on our sustainability efforts. This framework ensures that all actions are considered processes, designed to eliminate our environmental impact.


Erizon maintains transparency and accountability by holding quarterly meetings to report on our sustainability practices This shows our leadership team’s commitment to identify and address areas for improvement and discuss our overall environmental impact.

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