Sustainability Policy

Erizon have a range of environmental principles we adhere to in order to minimise the impact of operations on the environment. Our philosophy and core values are built on sustainability in the environment

Our Vision

To minimise our environmental footprint to as low as possible in our day to day operations. We support these commitments to reduce our impact on the environment and to adopt practices that use resources sustainably.

Our Principals

Environmental management is an essential part of our business culture. We set our core principles that we adhere to to reduce the effect we have on the environment

Environmental Management

Our policy addresses key issues, including energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions & ozone depleting substances, office waste, building waste and resource recovery.

Our Commitment & Scope

At Erizon we apply systematic environmental management approach that is consistent with the international standard ISO 14001


As part of all project work, we take into consideration our environmental impact and minimise our footprint. All products used are 100% environmentally friendly


Quarterly meetings are used to monitor and report on our environmental footprint. Internal procedures are identified and actions implemented immediately if required