Kanmantoo Bluestone Quarry- Stockpile Dust Suppression Project

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Project Overview

In September 2019, Erizon was approached by Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group, on behalf of Bluestone Quarry, to provide a dust suppression solution for their 2.53 hectare overburden stockpile. The client was seeking to minimise dust and stabilise soil before 87km/hr South Westerly winds were expected to shift across the area, potentially carrying dust particles over the valley and posing risks to local water systems and communities within the region.

The anticipated environmental requirements mirrored the successful dust suppression project with Bluestone Quarry that was initially conducted in 2018, making Erizon familiar with the site area and conditions. The stockpile had remained operational after the initial application and therefore required a dust suppressant on the newly deposited stock.

Upon initial inspection, Erizon’s environmental consultants discovered areas that weren’t covered with new stock and had maintained surface crust integrity from the previous application. As the dust suppressant remained stable on-site for an excess of 12 months, the team chose to use the same solution:

  • SuppressX – Applied at 500 Litres per hectare


SuppressX has been designed specifically for non-trafficked areas, such as the Bluestone Quarry stockpile. The solution was also scientifically engineered to eliminate dust lift without changing or compromising the substrate beneath it.

Upon application to the soil, SuppressX serves as a protective barrier over the substrate, forming an interconnected flexible crust that provides superior dust control and erosion protection amid strong winds and rains.


Based on the pre-site drone mapping and analysis of the project topography, Erizon provided extensive coverage of the 2.53 hectare stockpile using HydroRigs with water cannons that hydraulically applied the solution onto the substrate at a distance of up to 100m.

This eliminated the need for employees to work on steep slopes and enabled fast and adequate coverage of over 50,000+ square metres per day. The purpose-built trucks have built-in agitators within the holding tanks that consistently mix the product for even application.


Erizon mobilised at the Kanmantoo Quarry site on the 26th of September 2019 to apply the SuppressX solution over 2.53 hectares of their overburden stockpile. The project prevented extensive dust shifting off the peak of the stockpile during expected strong winds.

Due to the potential risks associated with the dust issue, Erizon moved promptly to undertake the project in one continuous application phase. Upon on-site inductions and approval of safety checklists, works were successfully conducted within four hours of being on-site.


Erizon recognised and addressed the following weather challenges throughout the duration of the project:


  • Mild west northerly west winds reaching up to 35 km/h posed some challenges. However, the technicians were able to turn this in their favour with improvised positioning of plant and equipment to withstand the winds and accurately apply the product onto the substrate.
  • Although the mobilisation period was short and the environmental conditions provided a warm 26.9°C day, a Heat and Fatigue Management Plan was implemented. Technicians were also required to utilise their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), designed to protect them from ultraviolet radiation.


The client inspected the area after the installation and was extremely pleased with the prompt application and the ability of Erizon’s technicians to successfully implement the solution for the second consecutive year. Effective communication between both parties played a critical role in maintaining efficiency throughout the duration of the project.

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