EcoArmour®, Shotcrete, & Concrete Canvas – The Big Difference

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Erosion control blankets are synthetic products designed to protect the soil surface from various degrees of erosion.


Ranging from open meshes to dense mats and even hydraulic applications, erosion control blankets protect vulnerable soil from wind and water erosion.


The benefits they provide make choosing the right erosion control blanket for your soil vital.


There are a wide variety of erosion control blankets on the market, and each solution offers a range of benefits. You must consider the implications of each solution carefully.


To help you out, we’ve put together this erosion control blanket guide. As we look into the three most effective erosion control methods, this will help you choose the correct solution for your soil surface.




EcoArmour® is an Australian-designed and manufactured synthetic erosion control blanket formulated for spraying through the use of high-pressure hydroseeder equipment.


Once sprayed on the soil, it dries and sets in a matter of hours, providing extended high-shear resistant erosion control.


One of the critical features of this custom-designed erosion control blanket is the speed and ease at which it can be applied. Sprayed from a hydroseeder at ten times the rate of traditional alternatives, this method of application means the solution is both cost effective and able to withstand the punishing Australian environment.


How It Works

EcoArmour® is a highly-effective formulation of minerals, interlocking fibres, and specialty binders that form a durable, non-flammable crust. The specialty binders adhere and incorporate themselves into the substrate below, creating a sturdy, resilient cover that is also flexible enough to bind itself unto and move with the ground below it, eliminating cracking of the coating.


EcoArmour® is suitable for multiple applications, as its design is to adhere excellently to various substrates, including soil, clay, sand and sandy loams, shale and weathered concrete. It is also ideal for areas that are extremely difficult to manage and access.

Standard installations of EcoArmour® include slopes and batters, swales and drains, levee stabilisation, as well as bund and culvert linings.


advantage of ecoarmour

Advantages Of EcoArmour®

As EcoArmour® is Australian-designed, it was created while having the country’s typical weather conditions in mind, thereby developing qualities that can only be advantageous to Australian landscapes needing erosion control.


EcoArmour® features a flexible membrane, meaning it can support the growth of vegetation without removing the crust.


The flexible membrane can also be made water repellent to prevent vegetation through the addition of a hydrophobic polymer.

Immediate Protection

Unlike traditional erosion control blankets, EcoArmour® dries in under three hours, offering you immediate protection.


EcoArmour® lasts a lot longer than traditional erosion control blankets. Our solution will provide 20 or more years of protection. Plus, with a variety of oxides in the formula, we can alter the colour of the application to your taste.

Performs in the Toughest Conditions

Its advanced technology makes it the ideal erosion control and stabilisation product for:

  • Vertical walls
  • Roadside batters
  • Steep slopes
  • Drains

including all substrates:

  • Compacted clay
  • Rock
  • Sand
  • Sandy loam
  • Dispersive soils

and any soil that are extremely difficult to manage and access.

Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas is a flexible, cement-impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, waterproof, and fire-resistant layer. It, however, can be quite expensive.

Concrete Canvas allows for concrete construction with no plant or mixing equipment by simply positioning and rolling out the material on the desired area, adding water and allowing it to set.

Available in three thicknesses, it is applicable in various infrastructure projects as a form of slope protection, erosion control, and ditch lining.

How It Works

Concrete Canvas is a flexible fabric that contains a type of dry concrete mix in its fibres. When adding water to the material, the dry concrete hardens and reinforces the concrete.


To apply Concrete Canvas, several people need to roll out the fabric, add water and let it dry.


Below we list a couple of factors that may make Concrete Canvas an ideal solution to erosion control.


Although a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly alternative to Shotcrete, Concrete Canvas still fails to triumph over EcoArmour® in cost, time, and labour effectiveness.


Roll it out. Add water. Leave it to set. Sounds easy, right?

However, you should note, you will need to cut the canvas to the required length before several people can roll it out and then secure it (by pegging, wiring, welding, etc.). Only then can it be hydrated.

In hot conditions, which are common in Australia, Concrete Canvas must be re-hydrated numerous times during its first 8 hours, increasing labour costs and reducing its effectiveness.



With a similar application to EcoArmour®, Shotcrete is the process of pneumatically projecting mortar or concrete onto a surface or substrate at high velocity.

The solution can come prepared in either a wet mix or a dry mix, with the latter needing the addition of water just before its intended use.

Like EcoArmour®, the application may be rapid. However, it takes considerably longer to set and cannot reach full strength until it does. You can add chemicals to the solution to help speed up the drying process, but the chemicals can decrease the robustness of the Shotcrete, and are often caustic and pose health risks, particularly to the eyes.

How It Works

You can use Shotcrete to cover a range of surfaces. However, intensive preparation of the soil is required for it to be useful as an erosion control method.

Further to this, the installation of Shotcrete requires the addition of steel mesh to help support and strengthen itself. In contrast, EcoArmour® already contains everything it needs to form a robust surface – with more eco-friendly ingredients.


You should also be aware that Shotcrete cannot be applied when rainfall is imminent. Water exposure to unset Shotcrete can cause it to run or slip, reducing the strength and durability of the product once it dries.


Shotcrete does come with notable advantages, listed below.

Swift Installation

Spraying concrete onto a surface at high velocity is, in theory, the perfect erosion control method. It’s fast and easy to apply. However, you should also take into account the soil preparation time as well as the amount of time it takes for Shotcrete to dry. These can drastically impact the effectiveness of the solution.


One of Shotcrete’s best features is its ability to work on almost all surfaces. However, note, you may need to install a steel mesh to support the initial application.

Decorative Design

The shotcrete process is prevalent in industries where concrete needs to be applied decoratively. Typical applications include theme parks, leisure centres, swimming pools, and skate park construction. While it may serve as an ideal decorative solution, it may not be an appropriate method for erosion control.

the best erosion control solution

The Best Erosion Control Solution

Although all three methods will assist with batter stabilisation and erosion control, EcoArmour® is the only solution that can support these functions in the most environmentally friendly, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Further to this, the technology allows for vegetation to penetrate through the crust if needed, providing complete protection and control.

Due to its one-step process, combined with its ease of application and almost immediate effectiveness, it is quite easy to identify EcoArmour® as the ideal solution.

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