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Adelaide is home to a Mediterranean climate. It has cold to mild winters, while its summers are mostly dry and warm to hot. It only has moderate rainfall. Overall, it appears to have a fine climate.

Continued urbanisation, however, is polluting the city’s water resources, increasing its bushfire risk, and contributing to the loss of native vegetation. This condition eventually leads to increased airborne dust, affecting the area’s air quality and putting people’s lives at risk.

Erizon seeks to help mitigate these dust issues and is offering an environmentally compliant dust suppression solution.

Meeting The Challenges of Dust Suppression

Urbanisation is one of the major causes of deforestation. Tall buildings replace mountain ranges, decreasing native vegetation. Clearing vegetated areas expose the topsoil. When winds come and blow, they carry with them dust particles that could reach densely populated communities. These communities will often suffer from poor air quality.

Dust storms are one of the more damaging transporters of dust in Adelaide and South Australia. When the weather is dry and powerful winds come from thunderstorms, these winds pull dust from the ground into the air. With more exposed soils comes the risk of more severe dust storms.

Soil exposure, however, comes naturally with unregulated urbanisation and some human activities such as deforestation and mining with no restoration efforts. Without sufficient regulations and revegetation measures, barren soils will continue to contribute to the spread of dust.

Bushfires may also increase dust exposure and spread. Interestingly,bushfires are common in regions with hot and dry climate conditions. As climate change continues to inflict its adverse impacts, it also increases the chances of bushfires and puts Adelaide at high risk.

The government of South Australia recommends revegetation in the region, Adelaide included. More specifically, they point to planting deep-rooted perennial native plants and grasses on bare earth. Among the foreseen benefits are the reduction in soil loss, the improvement of soil quality, and dust abatement.

In vast areas, however, landowners or site managers may find it challenging to facilitate dust suppression efforts. In most cases, it requires expert help in determining the solutions to use in rehabilitating an area and controlling dust successfully.

Here is where Erizon’s help comes into play.

The Best Dust Suppression Solution for Adelaide

Erizon has the latest technologies capable of addressing the problem of dust. Our dust suppression solution maximises efficiency and consistently gives better dust control compared to traditional methods.

Among the most desirable characteristics of our solution is its ability to save water. With a water-saving capacity of up to 80%, our solution helps protect the environment. Its non-toxic materials and ingredients are all environmentally compliant.

Our solution also minimises site activity significantly, thus saving more project resources, such as time, energy, and money. The costs turn out to be much more reasonable than conventional methods over time.

Moreover, Erizon’s dust control solution provides immediate control. This feature reassures safety in all surrounding communities, right after the application process.

Our engineers at Erizon have carefully designed our dust control solution to address the harsh conditions of Australia, especially in Adelaide. The resulting product is compatible with several application types, including application through helicopters, air tractors, hydro trucks, hydrotruck tracks, drones, hoses, spraybars, and hydro trailers.

Before starting any dust suppression project, Erizon always conducts a consultation and site survey to identify the critical issues of a site. We make use of 3D drone technology to obtain a detailed map of the area. We also investigate the peculiar conditions of the site, history of land use, climate situations, and intended future use of the land.

Once we nail the preliminary investigation, our scientists will outline a tailored approach to address the dust abatement issues of the area. With the use of hydro trucks or other advanced application equipment, our technicians will ensure an even and uniform application of the solution on the site.

While our solution acts immediately to control dust, we don’t leave the project right after the application phase. We still conduct post-application monitoring on the site. With the use of the latest drone scanning and imaging technology, this step ensures all project goals are being achieved.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has always been dedicated to mitigating dust issues and helping affected communities recover from related environmental problems.

For over 25 years now, we have helped many clients all over Australia restore and revegetate their lands. Seeing Adelaide’s unique environmental challenges, we are thus offering help in addressing the city’s dust abasement issues.

Our scientists and engineers have been continuously innovating our dust suppression products to ensure optimal environmental compliance.

We have, thus far, achieved a solution with superior water-saving and resource-saving capabilities. This dust control solution has a much higher efficiency than conventional methods, thanks to years of research and innovation combined.

At Erizon, we always value excellence. For this reason, we take care of every project from start to finish and even provide post-application assistance when necessary.

Ultimately, our goal is to help optimise the environmental conditions in Adelaide and all of Australia. Partner with us today.

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