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Climate change has severely affected Adelaide’s environmental health. Along with the rise of extreme weather came the problem of soil erosion. While Adelaide’s issue of coastal erosion is already a fact, some concern is also growing in mountainous areas.

In outer metropolitan regions , for instance, residents are constantly in danger of landslides and other severe effects of erosion. Communities are daily becoming more and more at risk whenever harsh weather comes.

Erizon has kept these concerns in mind and offers Adelaide a long-term revegetation solution to keep erosion at bay.

Meeting The Challenges Of Revegetation

Adelaide is lucky to have mild weather. But because of extreme global changes in climate, bushfires affect even the city. These fires destroy natural vegetation and expose the topsoil to rain, runoffs, and wind.

The danger is greater in steeper areas, where gravity pulls the soil naturally downward and aids in the occurrence of landslides. This, then, exposes residents at the edges of mountain ranges to the highest risk.

Even if there were no bushfires, Adelaide would still suffer from vegetation loss because of rapid urbanisation. Areas previously filled with natural vegetation are disturbed and repurposed to accommodate more buildings and establishments. Sometimes, there are regions where the soils are left exposed and barren, and they are easily eroded.

The Government of South Australia is actively promoting soil rehabilitation to address the above risks. Among others, authorities recommend the revegetation of barren lands. They encourage the replanting of native plants, especially those with deep roots, to help hold the ground underneath.

It is fortunate that the above plan is doable, even for the common people. The plan leans toward a more conventional approach. Unfortunately, some areas need immediate erosion control. Communities with high-erosion risk need to have the areas surrounding them revegetated immediately.

Barren regions also encompass vast hectares, so it could take time to finish revegetating such. Using traditional revegetation methods will incredibly be time-consuming, especially if without proper equipment and technique.

Here is the part where Erizon comes in. We aid in the revegetation of vast pieces of land and even deal with areas considered hardest to reach. Our highly skilled team provides erosion control solutions that act fast and are better than conventional methods.

The Best Revegetation Solution for Adelaide

Erizon’s revegetation solutions feature long-term soil protection. They are all highly efficient, safe for the environment, and provide a durable cover against running water and wind.

We call one of our solutions the EnviroSprout, and it works as a soil blanket that keeps the soil particles together through interlocking grids. It is highly environmentally compliant and is effective even at steep batters and embankments.

Our scientists also have more specific revegetation solutions, classified according to the technique used. We both offer hydroseeding and hydromulching solutions, each one matching different site specifications. One suits areas with existing irrigation, while the other includes mulch to help lock in moisture for the growing vegetation.

Our revegetation process follows a scientific approach. We believe there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, hence this principle.

We would first investigate the area to determine the perfectly matching solution for the client’s site. Our team makes use of 3D drones to take images and produce a detailed and realistic map of the entire region.

During the consultation and investigation, our highly trained staff will note the site’s peculiar characteristics. We would determine the site’s location, specific weather conditions, terrain, history of use, future purpose, and the state of its surrounding areas. These factors help determine the specific treatment needed for the soil, as soil damage and depletion come in varying forms and levels.

Our scientists will need to ensure that the corresponding solution they choose will help the soil heal and provide quick vegetative growth for erosion control. That said, we also take soil samples for a more thorough assessment of the site.

With all these factors coming together, our scientists and engineers will analyse and determine the solution and tailor it to the site’s needs. Some regions may require a different treatment than others, depending on soil conditions and terrain.

Before the application proper, we may conduct site preparation as necessary.

Once everything is ready, Erizon’s technicians will then use the most suitable equipment to apply the solution evenly to the land area. These pieces of equipment include hydro trucks, hydrotruck tracks, drones, hoses, and LBC hydro trailers. Our applicators can cater to steep batters, narrow spaces, and broad regions of land.

Finally, we finish with a project monitoring phase. This part of the revegetation project involves 3D imaging through drones. The drones take 3D images to help us see and monitor the growth of the new vegetation. This monitoring phase also ensures the accomplishment of everything about the project.

Our scientific process already ensures success. But, in case of any issues during the monitoring phase, we will quickly respond and provide the necessary fixes. It is our aim to deliver 100% of client satisfaction.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon’s team includes scientists, engineers, and technicians who are all committed to excellence. Thus, we all follow a scientific and tailored approach to mitigating erosion and revegetating barren sites.

We ensure that our revegetation and erosion control solutions are always of the highest quality. We believe in innovation and have thus come up with environment-friendly, fast-acting, and long-lasting formulations. Our revegetation solution has even been proven to perform better than traditional revegetation methods.

Lastly, we also believe in quality service when delivering quality life. For over 25 years now, Erizon has been helping to revegetate the vast lands of Australia and its cities and suburbs.

Among our top targets for the year is to revegetate Adelaide, with all its environmental challenges. We hope to see the city suffer from lesser and lesser erosion until it becomes erosion-free.

The Best Choice For Revegetation
  • Long-term soil protection that’s proven to withstand extreme weather and climate conditions
  • Ensures quick vegetative growth with scientifically-proven formulations
  • A comprehensive yet efficient approach to revegetation that guarantees positive outcomes

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