Erosion Control Canberra

The city of Canberra experiences a significant amount of rainfall each year. Even in its driest months, rains come and visit. While these seem to be favourable in sufficiently vegetated areas, prolonged wet conditions strike loosened soils and barren lands with calamity.

They start with small runoffs and end with large-scale landslides.

Without a streamlined approach to preventing such disastrous events, residents will continue to suffer. Properties get destroyed. The safety of the city will be compromised.

Knowing the above issues, Erizon seeks to provide Canberra with a fast-acting and science-based erosion control solution. Our team is dedicated to using only sustainable materials and ensuring that a site’s peculiar needs are adequately addressed.

Meeting The Challenges of Erosion Control

Canberra enjoys a temperate climate and experiences more rainfall than many other cities in Australia. Its mild and humid condition help prevent severe dust exposure, but it faces a challenge common to all wet regions — the high risk of erosion and landslides.

As always, the problem lies with the disruption of naturally vegetated habitats for the sake of industrialisation. Both mining and residential developments have contributed to the agitation of topsoils and exposure of loose subsoils.

When thunderstorms come, these loosened soils get carried by both wind and weather. Those in hillsides and other highly sloped areas face the highest risk of erosion.

In response, the local government has given corresponding recommendations on addressing soil instability. Contractors need to employ rehabilitative measures after their land development projects. Builders and other industries need to limit their exploitations of lands.

There is, however, a significant lack of implementation of these policies, making it more challenging to control erosion and its effects. Enforcement is inadequate, and private companies have not allocated enough budgets in rehabilitating vast acres of land.

Here is where Erizon seeks to help. With our access to advanced and yet cost-effective technologies, we can apply erosion control solutions to the lands of Canberra.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in Canberra

Through years of product formulation and development, Erizon has created a long-lasting, sustainable, and resource-saving solution for erosion.

Our team of soil scientists and engineers are following a streamlined process of addressing soil rehabilitation projects. We always begin our approach with a thorough investigation of the site’s peculiar needs.

We then consider unique factors such as the history of land use, current soil properties, and climate conditions to outline a tailored soil enhancement approach.

Erizon makes use of advanced equipment such as drones with 3D-imaging technology. These drones survey the site to map its contours in detail.

After gathering all the details, our scientists will finalise the solution to be used for the project.

Our most recommended solution is called EcoArmour. It provides a highly effective and fast-acting erosion control blanket. Compared to conventional methods, the EcoArmour acts ten times faster and reduces erosion immediately.

Erizon’s team of highly skilled technicians also ensure the even application of our erosion control solution. Where necessary, we will first prepare the site and implement earthworks to make the soil ready for the treatment proper.

Unlike other soil rehabilitation methods, our process involves a post-project monitoring phase. This step allows us to address any immediate problems as they arise. It also ensures that every project we handle achieves 100% success.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon works with sustainability in mind. Our soil experts and technicians manage erosion control projects with precision. For 25 years now, we have been following a science-based approach to our soil rehabilitation projects in Australia.

Because of our dedication to environmental health and sustainability, we only make use of materials that are natural and eco-friendly. Our process always involves investigation and research, so we can provide a solution tailored to the needs of the target site.

It is Erizon’s highest aim to help Canberra and other regions of Australia become safer and finally erosion-free.

Learn more about Erizon’s approach to Environmental Solutions in Canberra.

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