Revegetation Canberra

Progress and associated human activities have left many lands of Canberra with barren and depleted soils. Without sufficient plant cover, these soils are at the highest risk of erosion.

Erosion events, in turn, damage properties and potentially destroy thousands of lives.

By ignoring these issues on vegetation and erosion, Canberra will be putting its natural and economic resources at risk of depletion.

In response, Erizon offers a highly sustainable and cost-effective revegetation procedure. Our tailored soil rehabilitation solutions ensure long-lasting effectiveness and help lands resist erosion significantly.

Meeting The Challenges of Revegetation

Canberra’s progress as a city has placed its natural habitats in jeopardy. Many farmlands, mining areas, and construction sites are now barren. With subsoils exposed and loosened, these vast areas become highly erodible.

Private organisations and the local government have, luckily, been working together to launch rehabilitation efforts. Volunteers flock disrupted lands and conduct replanting activities.

On a large scale, however, these traditional and manual rehabilitation efforts prove inadequate. Thousands of acres of land may need extensive site preparation before replanting even becomes effective.

In many cases, the soil could no longer support plant growth.

Thus, volunteer efforts and government funds may still be wasted in the long run.

Without expert help, city residents may continue resorting to these conventional methods that only partially address erosion problems.

In response to the above issues, Erizon offers an environmentally compliant revegetation solution. We make sure that each barren land receives sufficient soil preparation and treatment and approach each project with a scientific process.

The Best Solution for Revegetation in Canberra

Erizon’s scientific approach to any revegetation project makes it stand out as Australia’s leading provider of soil rehabilitation services.

Our team of soil scientists and engineers have been working together for over 25 years now to outline a step-by-step solution that ensures 100% project success.

Upon accepting a new revegetation project, we always approach it with initial soil testing and analysis. We add in an investigative survey, making use of 3D-imaging drone technology to map out the target site in detail.

Our soil experts will then collate all data, including the history of land use, site landscape, project goals, and current soil properties.

The analysis results will then determine which type of revegetation solution should be used for the project. Where necessary, we first prepare the site before the treatment phase.

We also develop our revegetation products.

Through years of research and handling rehabilitation projects, our team of experts have carefully engineered a revegetation solution called the EnviroSprout. It provides a long-term treatment to the environmental woes of Canberra and helps prevent erosion and its adverse effects.

The EnviroSprout enhances the stability of the soil in two ways. One is by its hydrological effects, while the other is through its mechanical impact. The new vegetation, once established, will grow roots that form a network that is resistant to erosion.

Like any science-based project, we also employ a post-treatment reassessment of the land. This phase allows us to address any issues that may arise while the vegetation is still growing.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been serving Australia for over 25 years now. Our industry-leading procedures have always been based on principles of excellence, science, innovation, and sustainability.

Our team envisions an erosion-free Canberra, where residents are safe from disastrous landslides and other adverse erosion effects.

By providing tailored solutions and considering peculiar site conditions, we ensure a revegetation process that is both cost effective and highly efficient for any land type.

Learn more about Erizon’s Revegetation Solutions here!

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