Dust Suppression Gold Coast

The diversity of the weather conditions in the Gold Coast makes it prone to erosion and its associated adverse effects. In warmer and drier areas, residents face the risk of dust exposure. In colder and wetter seasons, the Gold Coast suffers from flooding and severe coastal erosion.

With these issues in mind, Erizon offers several services for soil rehabilitation and enhancement for the city.

Among others, we provide dust suppression solutions. Our premium products help protect the locals from exposure to airborne dust and ash, especially those in barren areas that still need revegetation.

Challenges of Dust Control In Gold Coast

Dust control is a recurring issue in the city of Gold Coast. Human activities seem to be the biggest culprit, with ongoing constructions disturbing lands and exposing residents to dirt and dust.

While the Gold Coast is home to a diversity of landscapes, a huge part of it is coastal. These coastal areas often experience soil instability, with large pieces of land being eroded and eaten away into the sea.

During warmer and drier months, wind disturbances can easily blow loose coastal sediments. Dust exposure problems then arise and pose heightened respiratory health risks to the surrounding communities.

Meanwhile, forests of various types occupy approximately half of the Gold Coast. These have steep landscapes that, when disturbed by human activities, also pose threats of both dust exposure and landslides.

In certain times throughout the year, bushfires may also occur in these areas of the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, such fires expose the land, making it easier to erode and spread dust.

All these issues need expert attention; else the city residents will continue to suffer the adverse effects of dust and erosion.

The Council of the City of Gold Coast is already doing its part to enforce the Environmental Protection Act. Locals may submit dust complaints to the council, while the government will seek to investigate the issue and initiate its solution.

Construction managers, for instance, are instructed to reduce dust emissions using several natural methods. One way is to retain vegetation, including dry plants and grass, wherever possible.

These plants should help provide a barrier against the spread of dust to neighbouring communities. If they have sturdy and deep root systems, they can also help in holding the soil together.

While it is true that even small amounts of vegetation can already lower wind speed and reduce the spread of dust, these are not enough to completely eradicate the health risks of dust exposure.

One may resort to revegetation — an erosion control solution which Erizon highly recommends. But, this type of solution may not be suitable for some areas, as physical preparation of the site may still take some time.

As such, disturbed sites still need quick-acting dust-controlling alternatives.

Another suggestion is to spread water onto topsoil, thereby reducing dust significantly. This alternative may work well in wetter climates, but in warmer ones like in the Gold Coast, it may prove costly and unsustainable in the long run.

The Gold Coast is facing environmental issues that need tailored solutions instead of one-size-fits-all services.

The good news is that Erizon has already been strategising specific solutions for various cases that need immediate, cost-effective, and sustainable dust control.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Gold Coast

Considering all the above dust exposure issues, Erizon is offering a comprehensive dust suppression strategy for the local government and the private communities of the Gold Coast.

Our cutting-edge dust suppression technologies ensure a tailored solution for every peculiar site condition.

Depending on the characteristics of the target site and its present soil characteristics, Erizon’s technicians will use hoses, spray bars, hydro trucks, drones, air tractors, or helicopters for the application proper.

These modern facilities ensure an even mixing and uniform application of our dust-control solution. These technologies also allow for quick installation, thereby addressing the most urgent cases of dust and erosion problems in the city.

Upon application, our dust suppression solution acts immediately, reducing dust levels and controlling its spread.

Unlike conventional dust suppression methods, Erizon engineered its solution to save water up to 80%. This water-saving feature is beneficial primarily to the owners of large tracts of land.

It is also helpful for government-owned properties. The city council will be able to allocate better budgets on further rehabilitation activities, such as replanting or full-scale revegetation.

Every past client we have had knows how Erizon builds itself on principles of eco-consciousness and sustainability.

Thus, we only advocate for non-toxic solutions that are highly sustainable.

Thanks to years of careful development and engineering of our technologies, we already have products that address large-scale environmental issues.

Erizon’s team of soil experts has taken rigorous steps in testing our dust control materials on various substrates. Our testing procedures ensure the overall success of any dust suppression project.

Moreover, it is a vital part of our practice to proceed with caution before taking on any project. We always begin our process with a thorough investigation of the target land as well as its properties, terrain, slope, surrounding weather conditions, history of use, and future purposes.

Our expert technicians will conduct a 3D drone survey to map out the target site in great detail. This survey will produce images that will help us decide on what type of applications to use for the site.

Thus far, we’ve seen our solutions work even on mining sites and other challenging regions. More specifically, we have helped rehabilitate and control dust in copper mines, coal mines, tailings dams, ash dams, and even power stations.

Our procedure does not end with the application of our dust suppression solutions. One of Erizon’s core strengths is post-project site monitoring. This phase allows us to facilitate and address any issues that may arise even months after the application of our dust control product.

For such site-monitoring purposes, we make use of drones that feature the latest scanning and imaging technology. We compare the post-application images of the site with our initial goals for the landscape. We then take steps to further enhance and strengthen the soils in the target site, if necessary.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon provides professional soil management and dust suppression solutions from start to finish. We do not only apply one-off solutions for a site. Instead, we begin by investigating the unique properties of the target area and outline a solution tailored to the area’s peculiar needs.

With over 25 years of experience, our team of soil scientists and product engineers have catered to thousands of acres of land and hundreds of local communities throughout Australia. We have engineered dust suppression products that are not only quick-to-apply but are also highly sustainable and water-saving.

Our highly dedicated and trained technicians also ensure an even application and a long-lasting dust suppression solution. We only use the best and most appropriate mixers and spreaders to achieve excellent results.

Finally, every Erizon client knows how much we value post-application support and monitoring. Our soil scientists help manage newly rehabilitated sites and recommend further improvements as necessary.

It is Erizon’s ultimate vision to see Australia as erosion-free, and we aim to start helping the local government and the residents of the Gold Coast make this vision a reality.

Learn more about Erizon’s Environmental solutions for the Gold Coast.

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