Erosion Control Gold Coast

The Gold Coast battles against varying weather conditions, causing soil instability and severe coastal erosion. Without a proven and efficient erosion control method, the city may be at a high risk of dust exposure and other disasters that could result in property loss.

To help prevent and address such hazards, Erizon has developed an innovative product called the EcoArmour.

EcoArmour is an erosion control blanket that provides high resistance to shear and helps rehabilitate a disturbed land area.

Our team of soil scientists and technicians apply the EcoArmour solution through modern facilities, increasing our rehabilitation procedure’s overall efficiency.

Meeting the Challenges of Erosion Control

Severe weather conditions have impacted the Gold Coast, causing massive flooding and erosion in high-risk areas.

Among the main contributing factors is climate change. Human activities have regularly disrupted and exposed the soils in the city.

Aside from these, the Gold Coast also faces the threat of bushfires each year, with each incident leaving another piece of land barren.

Such disrupted soils further give a heightened risk to dust exposure and landslides.

As a result, several parts of the Gold Coast community are suffering from property loss. While the city council provides measures to address these erosion control issues, hundreds of private property owners are still looking for quick and efficient ways to mitigate soil loss.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in the Gold Coast

With the above concerns in mind, Erizon offers to provide an immediate erosion control solution.

We begin any of our soil rehabilitation projects with an initial investigation of the target site. Our soil analysts will examine the soil characteristics, weather patterns, slope, and other conditions peculiar to the area.

This preliminary analysis and testing phase allows us to tailor the erosion control procedure to the target region’s needs.

After the investigation and corresponding preparation of the site, our expert technicians will facilitate and ensure the rapid installation of our premium solution - EcoArmour.

Immediate Erosion Control Solution

EcoArmour contains a blend of minerals, binders, and interlocking fibres that form a non-flammable and durable crust.

Engineered to be a quick erosion control solution, the EcoAmour forms a resilient cover to any barren piece of land.

With its specialty binders, it can adhere directly to the substrate beneath it. While sturdy, the EcoArmour is also flexible enough to move along the ground below. Thus, it eliminates the issues of having cracked coating — issues that would otherwise arise in conventional soil covers.

Moreover, the EcoArmour acts immediately upon installation.

Thanks to its hydrophobic nature, this erosion control solution repels water, eliminating weed growth and keeping the overall integrity of the soil cover.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has established itself as a leading provider of erosion control solutions, having worked with various communities and property owners for over 25 years.

With Erizon’s dedication to soil management, preservation, and restoration, we have developed products that provide quick and reliable erosion control.

Among others, our EcoArmour is a groundbreaking solution that mitigates erosion issues in the Gold Coast and prevents property loss in this region.

Learn more about Erizon’s Approach to Environmental Solutions in the Gold Coast.

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