Revegetation Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is among the cities in Queensland that experience severe erosion events. Such phenomena have risen from wild weather conditions, affecting the overall livability in the city’s coastal areas.

Without implementing a streamlined revegetation procedure, vast Gold Coast areas will be at high risk of coastal property loss.

In seeking to address such issues, Erizon provides revegetation services involving either the hydroseeding or the hydromulching technique. Our team has applied these revegetation methods on several landscapes, including mine sites, slopey areas, dams, roadsides, and even coastal regions.

Meeting the Challenges of Soil Erosion

The city of Gold Coast suffers primarily from coastal erosion. Open areas such as beaches, sand cliffs, and dunes comprise unconsolidated sediments that, in turn, are easily eroded.

In the presence of wild weather conditions such as severe storms, these unstable soils are washed away rather quickly.

With the addition of climate change and its adverse effects on the weather cycle, the issues become even more daunting.

Coastal flooding occurs more frequently, causing soil degradation and erosion across the city.

Other than floods and storms, seasonal bushfires also pose threats in several Gold Coast areas. These fires make lush lands barren, further exposing them to risks of erosion and landslides.

The most significant damage often goes to property owners, who suffer the loss of both infrastructure and land.

In response, the city council and some concerned citizens have taken initiatives in mitigating soil loss due to the above issues.

For instance, the council penalises developments that fail to rehabilitate any damaged land. It also outlines measures on mitigating erosion in highly sloped areas.

Aimed at addressing the long-term issues of soil erosion, the local government of the Gold Coast emphasises the importance of having sufficient vegetative growth in high-risk areas.

While such mandates exist, their implementation may not be entirely possible without the help of soil experts with advanced revegetation facilities.

The Best Solution for Revegetation in Gold Coast

Erizon provides a comprehensive revegetation procedure to help mitigate the soil erosion issues in the Gold Coast area.

We follow a streamlined process of land rehabilitation, starting from soil assessment to post-project monitoring.

Our team of experts will handle the preliminary soil testing process. The test results and their corresponding analysis will provide us with the information necessary to determine the appropriate plant species for the land.

Erizon prioritises plants that can reinforce soils and develop root systems that will help resist erosion.

We also compare several factors such as the soil’s composition against the local weather conditions, as well as the intended use of the land after replanting. By doing so, our soil specialists will be able to prepare a tailored solution that will make plant growth optimal.

Once we’ve identified the ideal species and the steps needed to optimise their growth, we will outline the process of revegetating the land properly.

We will use either one of two innovative approaches to revegetation, namely, hydroseeding and hydromulching.

Our high-end spreaders can apply the seed-and-fertiliser mix evenly. Erizon’s technicians will conduct the application by utilising a hose, spray bar, HydroRig™, or even a drone — depending on the slope and the overall terrain of the target area.

What sets Erizon apart is our commitment to our revegetation projects from start to finish. We do not stop at the application. Instead, our team of agronomists, microbiologists, and soil scientists will monitor the site regularly.

This post-project monitoring phase allows us to immediately address any unexpected weather events that may disrupt the entire revegetation plan.

All in all, our goal is to provide a long-term solution to the soil erosion issues that are prevalent in the Gold Coast region.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon is the leading provider of revegetation services in the Gold Coast.

With years of experience, our soil scientists can help prevent many of the city’s soil erosion issues and their corresponding complications.

We are also committed to following a scientific process of hydromulching and hydroseeding. Our passion for innovation and providing a tailored solution go hand in hand every time we handle a revegetation project.

Overall, it is our highest aim for the Gold Coast to be a model city for environmental conservation, soil stability, and land rehabilitation.

With our commitment to excellence, we are positive that we can help preserve the vast lands of Australia, starting at the Gold Coast area.

Learn more about Erizon’s Approach to Environmental Solutions in the Gold Coast.

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