Erosion Control New South Wales

New South Wales suffers heavily from coastal erosion. Neither are its barren highlands and lowlands exempt from the heavy toll of erosion events. When extreme weather comes, this exposes the state to the risks of landslides and property damage.

With this in mind, Erizon provides New South Wales with a fast-acting, environmentally safe, resource-saving, and durable erosion control solution.

Meeting the Challenges of Erosion Control

Coastal erosion is most common in New South Wales and is causing significant damage to both public and private properties. Beach amenities, public infrastructure, and residential buildings are all at risk whenever beach erosion occurs.

We may deem heavy erosion normal in coastal regions, as continuous exposure to water and wind and their impact wears out the land.

However, as climate change rose, so did the severity and frequency of storm surges. These surges increase the impact on coastal land. Combined with powerful waves, they smash on it until the ground breaks down, gets chipped and worn away.

The damage and risks are most significant at hill slopes. Flat terrains will have the lowest risk, although they will still be in danger if they don’t have groundcover.

Aside from the issues at the beach areas, erosion also occurs in highlands and lowlands without sufficient vegetative cover.

The Department of Primary Industries has released ‘Saving Soil,’ a document that aims to guide landowners in ‘preventing and repairing soil erosion’ in New South Wales. In this guide, the authorities recommend the re-establishment and stabilisation of natural vegetation.

In most cases, however, the process of replanting has to be done on a wide scale. When vast pieces of land need restructuring work first, and when erosion has to stop as soon as possible, it may not be enough to use conventional methods.

Erizon knows how tedious the work can be. Thus, we offer erosion control solutions that install fast, act quickly, minimise the use of resources, and make the application safe and easy.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in the New South Wales

Erizon offers the most efficient erosion control solution for any kind of terrain. Our team of scientists has developed the EcoArmour, a synthetic erosion control blanket that provides extended high-shear resistance against highly eroding substances.

One of the best features of the EcoArmour is that it acts fast and provides immediate protection from erosion. It dries within four hours after application, thus reducing erosion risks immediately.

It even features rapid installation. It installs ten (10) times faster than traditional methods, thus saving resources and reducing client costs.

Our highly trained technicians will apply the EcoArmour through the safest and most efficient applicators. Our equipment includes hydro trucks, HydroRig™ tracks, LBC hydro trailers, and specialised hoses.

Once applied, EcoArmour’s blend of fibres, minerals, and binders will act on the soil and provide erosion control even for the steepest slopes. The resulting soil blanket turns into a non-flammable and weatherproof crust that holds the substrates in place. The EcoArmour has been so expertly developed that it can last for over 20 years.

To ensure that sites get the most appropriate treatment, Erizon follows a scientific protocol.

We always begin our process with an initial site investigation and consultation with the client. This is the phase in which we uncover the land’s climate conditions, history of use, soil health, terrain, and future use. We consult with the client about the site’s peculiar needs, which may dictate some treatment adjustments.

To have an overall view of the site, we conduct site mapping using 3D drones. The technology allows us to capture detailed images of the site and map out the entire terrain.

From what we have then uncovered, our soil scientists will analyse all the factors and determine the appropriate erosion control solution accordingly. Most erosion issues have so far been resolved with the use of EcoArmour.

The application procedure proceeds afterwards, but our process doesn’t end there. To ensure 100% client satisfaction, we also include a post-project monitoring phase in our protocol.

Again, we will use our 3D scanning and imaging drones and monitor the progress at the site. In case of any problems, we will respond immediately. We always make sure to handle our projects successfully until completion.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon is the leader in providing erosion control solutions in Australia. Our team of dedicated scientists, engineers, and technicians have helped rehabilitate lands for over 25 years now.

Our commitment to excellence has kept us pushing through the boundaries of innovation. We have successfully formulated solutions that act fast on barren soils and hold them together. With constant improvement, we have provided answers to the severest erosion issues. We have offered solutions that are way better than conventional methods.

Our process has always been a thorough and trusted scientific approach. This method has allowed us to tailor our solutions to the peculiar conditions of every site. Thus, our clients always experience 100% satisfaction.

Ultimately, our dream is to help make all of Australia, the New South Wales included erosion-free. Partner with us today so we can make this goal a reality.

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