Erosion Control Northern Territory

The Northern Territory faces harsh environmental issues such as soil erosion and dust exposure. This problem is due, in part, to the characteristics of its most common soil types.

These soils contain silt, are highly steep, and are exposed to wild weather conditions, hence the high risk of erosion they pose.

If the Northern Territory has to lessen its risk against erosion and its devastating effects, the locals need to implement a sustainable erosion control solution.

Erizon has been dealing with such issues for over 25 years. Our specialised erosion control solutions address the challenging soil conditions of the Northern Territory.

Meeting the Challenges of Erosion Control

While the NT region can be dry, its wet season causes damaging erosion along coastlines and inland areas.

Moreover, the diversity of the soil types in the Northern Territory adds to the challenge of addressing such erosion issues. Even the locals find it difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all solution to managing disturbed lands.

For instance, the NT area has both tropical and semi-arid regions. The tropical ones undergo extreme rain events, while the semi-arid areas have less dense but more frequent rainfall.

Such varying weather conditions pose a high erosion risk to the NT area. There’s also the risk of dust exposure in arid regions.

Furthermore, the diversity of the soil types in this region can complicate the process of identifying a suitable solution against erosion.

Among the most common soils in the NT region are as follows:

  • The steep and silt-containing siltstone soils

  • The heavily grazed cracking clays, which storms can easily erode

  • The sandy and sensitive lateritic soils

  • The highly sensitive volcanic, sodic, and acid sulphate soils, which can cause acid runoff and even catastrophic erosion events

  • The coarse and highly erodible granitic soils

Luckily, the local government is doing its part in securing appropriate legislation concerning erosion control.

Officials have been warning against the disruption of natural habitats, especially in regions that are steep and in which the soils are highly sensitive to disturbance.

Among the most common causes of land disruption is the development of additional residential and commercial sites.

The local council thus mandates the rehabilitation of such areas, especially those that have been heavily disturbed and are located in high-risk regions.

The local government also identifies several types of erosion control solutions. Meanwhile, the application procedure depends on the characteristics of the target site.

Revegetation and soil stabilisation for instance, are the two highly-recommended solutions as per the government.

In some cases, a site needs to have a quicker solution, such as a soil cover. A soil cover or blanket does not need to wait for vegetation to grow deep roots to start protecting the land from erosion.

In most cases — and especially in the most urgent and worst of them — the appropriate solution is a highly resilient and protective soil blanket.

Such soil covers, however, need to be of the highest quality; else, they will not stand against the wild weather conditions of the Northern Territory.

Ultimately, the NT region is in great need of assistance. The community needs erosion control experts who can provide not just temporary solutions but tailored and long-lasting ones.

More importantly, the soil blanket needs to be sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural. Otherwise, its adverse long-term effects will defeat the purpose of its application.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in Northern Territory

Considering the above concerns, Erizon offers a comprehensive erosion control solution for the Northern Territory.

Our process always begins with an initial site investigation, soil testing, and analysis. This phase allows us to identify the core issues peculiar to the area.

For instance, the target site may have soil characteristics that are unfavourable to plant growth or soil cover. In another case, this land may also be highly steep, which makes the application of an erosion control blanket a little more complicated.

Moreover, the target areas may have complex weather patterns, with heavy rains constantly posing risks of landslides. In other parts of the Northern Territory, the weather is mostly dry. The dangers of dust exposure are, therefore, higher in these regions.

In any case, Erizon’s science-based procedure collates all these factors, thereby ensuring a tailor-made solution for erosion control.

With years of experience in dealing with such soil erosion issues, Erizon has developed and engineered an efficient erosion control blanket. We call it the EcoArmour.

EcoArmour has interlocking fibres, minerals, and binders that all work together to form a durable and non-flammable crust. This durability feature makes the EcoArmour useful in sites prone to bushfires.

Overall, the resulting cover is resilient to severe weather events and their associated erosion issues.

The EcoArmour is also quick to install. Erizon’s technicians will facilitate the rapid application of this premium product to the target site. We use advanced application technologies to ensure the installation of the soil blanket.

Upon installation, EcoArmour’s specialty binders will directly adhere to the substrate beneath it. It immediately acts to protect the soil from eroding.

While its mineral-rich components make it sturdy, EcoArmour’s fibres are flexible enough to allow movement along the ground below.

Thus, the EcoArmour provides a crack-resistant coating — something that conventional soil covers lack. With crack resistance, the EcoArmour maintains its integrity as a soil cover.

Furthermore, EcoArmour exhibits a hydrophobic nature. In case of heavy rains, this erosion control blanket repels water and keeps the soil intact. Because of this property, the EcoArmour can also eliminate weed growth and ensure that the soil cover stays on to fulfil its purpose.

With Erizon’s trained technicians, an EcoArmour installation should provide a long-lasting and sustainable erosion control solution in the Northern Territory.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been Australia’s leading provider of erosion control services for over 25 years now.

Our highly skilled soil scientists have helped hundreds of community leaders and property owners rehabilitate and protect their lands from erosion.

Ever since our inception, Erizon already envisions developing a quick solution to erosion problems and helping the Northern Territory prevent landslides, dust exposure, and related disasters.

It is the noble aim of our soil experts and erosion control engineers to apply the EcoArmour — among other solutions — to make the NT region a safer place for individual property owners and the community at large.

Learn more about Erizon’s Environmental solutions for Northern Territory.

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